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HAW Hamburg

Campus Life

The HAW Hamburg is a city university and not your typical "campus university" that we are so familiar with when we think of American universities. Our university is divided up over four locations throughout the city. We hope however, that wherever you study, you will feel at home.

Campus Berliner Tor

Campus Berliner Tor is our main campus and home to the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science and the Faculty of Business & Social Sciences. The faculties have their own libraries, labs and computer rooms on this site. On campus is a cafeteria and a café as well as a hall of residence (with another one a seven minute walk away).
It is situated in the middle of town, near the main station and the city shopping centre. On foot you are at the »Alster« [Hamburg's lake] in a matter of minutes, with the underground links you can quickly get around town. Sports lovers can use the gym and join the courses offered within the university sports programme. In five minutes you are at the Alster swimming pool with its 50m pool.

Also on this campus is the central university administration as well as the Student Centre with the International Office, the Admissions & Registrar's Office and the Central Student Counselling Office.

Campus Bergedorf

Campus Bergedorf is home to the Faculty of Life Sciences. On campus there is a refectory, numerous computer and laboratory work places as well as a library which is part of the library system of the city of Hamburg. Close to the campus there are several halls of residences; a cultural programme and sports facilities on campus are in the pipeline.

The town of Bergedorf once belonged to Denmark, but has been officially a part of Hamburg since 1938. It has however, kept its individual character and the historical old town as well as the many parks and the green hinterland offer a wide range of leisure activities. With the public transport's fast train [S-Bahn] you are in Hamburg's city centre in 20 minutes.

Campus Finkenau

Campus Finkenau is home to the Faculty of Design, Media & Information of the HAW Hamburg but also to other Media Schools and the University of Fine Arts as well as a television studio and creative start-up companies, making it one of Hamburg's hubs of creativity and media.

On campus are beautiful studios offering a lovely space for painting and drawing as well as a large number of labs for students to experiment with old printing techniques, develop stop motion animation, develop web design or print b/w photography. Also on site is a production lab and sound studio, where students can record their own audio and video productions and make their own films.  

The campus has its own cafeteria and places to sit outside and have a break from class.

Campus Armgartstraße

Campus Armgartstraße is home to the HAW Hamburg's fashion, textile and costume degree programmes. It is an idyllic location with a big garden to hang out in in the summer. It is also only minutes away from the Alster lake.

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»For foreign students alone in a foreign country, social contacts are very important...Our small group does lots of things together outside of the study programme and the professors know most of the students by name. It is great not to feel lost here.« - Svitlana Komar, Ukraine