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Is it possible to do a PhD at the HAW Hamburg?

In Germany the higher education sector is divided into universities (Universitäten), technical universities (Technische Universitäten) and universities of applied sciences. At present German law only allows universities and technical universities to award PhDs (Doktortitel). 

At the HAW Hamburg some departments have research groups that have doctoral students working towards a PhD. These departments cooperate with a university. The doctoral students complete their research at the HAW Hamburg but receive their PhD qualification from the cooperation partner. In general, the HAW Hamburg has cooperations with German universities, but it also has two international cooperations: with the University of the West of Scotland as well as the University of València.

If you have completed a Master's programme and are interested in doing a PhD at the HAW Hamburg, please contact Prof. Dr. Zita Schillmöller for more information.

Research at the HAW Hamburg

HAW Hamburg has four strategic research areas:

  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Mobility & Transport
  • IT, Communication & Media

For information about our strategic research areas, competence centres and Research & Technology Transfer Centres, please follow this link.

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