CURRICULUM Renewable Energy Systems - Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.)

Modules in the first and second year

1. MathematicsNumerical Mathematics52
Numerical Mathematics, Practical work2
2. Data AcquisitionData Acquisition and Processing52
Data Acquisition and Processing, Practical work2
3. Wind EnergyWind Energy 152
Wind Energy 22
4. Bioenergy - BiofuelsBiofuels54
5. Solar Energy - PV SystemsPV System Engineering54
6. Solar Energy - ConverterSolar Thermal Systems 52
Solar Cells2
7. Energy Conversion and DistributionFuel Cells and Batteries52
Smart Grids2
8. Electrical EngineeringAdvanced Electrical Engineering52
Power Electronics and Grids2

9. Numerical Simulation for
Renewable Energy Systems

Computational Simulation Techniques

Windturbine Design with CFD - or- 2
System Cases Studies with CFD
10. Advanced Control SystemsAdvanced Control Systems Methods5

Advanced Control Systems Tools Practical work2
11. Plant Engineering and Project ManagementPlant Engineering52
Project Management2
12. Electives

Elective 152
Elective 22
13. Project WorkProject Work52
14. Energy PracticeEnergy Practice Lab53
15. Energy Police and Finance

Project Finance
International Energy Policy2
16. Master ThesisMaster Thesis 30

Abbreviations and Marks

CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics

CP: Credit Points

SPW: semester periods per week