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HAW Mailer - HAW Hamburg central mail system

The HAW Hamburg uses a web-based mailing system for official correspondence between the university and its students. Please check your eMails regularly.

IMPORTANT: You must change the initial personal password you were sent with your enrolment papers BEFORE you log in for the first time. If you cannot log in to HAW Mailer, but your password works in HELIOS, then your password has expired. Please change your password.


Once a day all mail users will get information about eMails that are have gone into spam. The spam mails will be be kept in quarantine for 21 days. If an eMail is not spam mail users can change the status and have the eMail sent to their inbox.

Letzte Änderung: 07.10.15

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Chrome does not allow you to add attachments or open address book windows. From version 37 Chrome "modular dialogues" no longer open. We currently do not have a solution for this problem. Please use alternative browser, e.g. Firefox, to avoid this problem.

Certain OWA functions are not visible in Internet Explorer.
e.g. the page "automatic answers" is empty. Please add in Intenet Explorer under the menu point „Extras" under „settings for compatability view“ the entry This should solve the problem.

Questions? Problems?

If you have questions and/or problems or need support when changing your password please see the FAQs or ask for support.