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HAW Hamburg

HELIOS - Campus Online

Welcome to the HAW Hamburg campus online portal for students.


Letzte Änderung: 09.06.17

An die Redaktion

Login for students:

Username: HAW account (e.g. abk123)
Password: your password


Username and initial password will be sent with your registration documents.


Forgotten username or password?
or I want to change my password

Login for student applicants

Username: application number
Password: your date of birth - in reverse order: YYYYMMDD
(e.g. birthday: 18.12.1976 -
password: 19761218)

IMPORTANT for students:

Please add your current (German) mobile number in HELIOS

This is necessary to be able to reset your password with a mobile TAN at any time by yourself, if you have forgotten your password. Otherwise you will have to go in person to the Chip Card Office to reset your password.