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Competence Center für Erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz
Competence Center

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Modules Field Topics Program
Energy Chemistry Materials H2-technology, energy storage, photovoltaics, fuel cells, energy conversion, Li ion batteries MSc Chemistry (UHH)
Chemical Aspects of Feedstock Conversion and Energy Supply Chemistry Economy Catalysis C1-Chemistry, applied and industrial catalysis, CO2 feedstock recycling, life cycle assessment MSc Chemistry (UHH)
Nanotechnology Chemistry Materials preparation: (MBE, PVD, CVD, ALD), characterization X-ray techniques, microscopy (optical, AFM, STM, SEM, TEM) and spectroscopy (fluorescence, UV/vis,..), material properties of selected examples MSc Chemistry (UHH)
Synthetic and Material Aspects of Polymer Chemistry Chemistry Materials/Polymer Polymers polymer synthesis, kinetics, catalysis, characterization, microstructure, morphology, rheology, polymer processing MSc Chemistry (UHH)
Inorganic Material Chemistry Chemistry Materials polymer synthesis, kinetics, catalysis, characterization, microstructure, morphology, rheology, polymer processing MSc Chemistry (UHH)
Inorganic Chemistry of Molecules and Complexes Chemistry Materials synthesis, structure, reactivity and stability of coordination compounds and organometallic complexes, electro- and magnetochemical properties, qualitative MO theory MSc Chemistry (UHH)
Functional interfaces Physics Electrochemistry thermodynamics, structure, and electrostatics of interfaces, electrochemistry, photovoltaics, photosynthesis MSc Physics (UHH)
Biogas Engineering Environmental Biotechnology physico-chemical factors of “wet and dry” digestion processes, gas yields of different substrates, on/offline parameters of biogas reactors for process control, different types of biogas plants for waste water, biowaste and renewable biomass MSc Renewable Energy Systems (HAW)
Biofuels Process Engineering liquid biofuels, process engineering of different types of biofuels, chemical and thermodynamical basics, economic and ecological background, different types of residual input materials and processes MSc Renewable Energy Systems (HAW)
Automotive Electronics Electrical Electronics Engineering electrical and hybrid vehicle power train systems, automotive energy sources and storage and their efficiency MSc Microelectronic Systems (HAW)
Information Engineering and Network Systems Information Engineering Technical Computer Sience engineering of distributed communication, network based management, control and sensor systems with respect to smart grid solutions MEng Information & CommunicationTechnology (HAW)
Electrochemical Energy Conversion/Fuel Cell Systems Energy Technology introduction to fuel cell and electrochemical storage technology, thermodynamic principles, process engineering and system integration of fuel cells and electrochemical storage MEng Sustainable Energy Sys-tems (HAW)
Economic aspects of renewable energies Economics energy economy, resource economics, environmental economics, economic policy Block Course (HWWI)
Project Management Economics professional career time management, cost calculation, personal management Block Course (HWWI)

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