HAW Hamburg - Promotionszentrum

online Seminar: Presentation Skills for International Academic Practice

Fr, 22.01.2021, 10:00 – 17:00 Uhr
Promotionszentrum, Steindamm 103, 20099 Hamburg

This course offers the opportunity to practice skills in Academic English in an international setting, examining the unwritten rules and conventions of international conferences, publications, and general communication. Participants will practice their English by going through the process of preparing an international conference talk, with the aim of both getting a feel for academic culture as well as becoming more confident in English within this setting. In addition, general questions about peer-reviewed journals / publications and other necessary practices and conventions, such as email-writing will be addressed.

Leitung: Dr. Natalie Roxburgh

Wenn Sie sich anmelden möchten, schreiben Sie eine Mail an: promotionszentrum (@) haw-hamburg.de


Steffi Grimme
Steindamm 103
20099 Hamburg