Digitalisation strategy - action plan

HAW Hamburg has outlined its strategic goals for the period from 2018 to 2025 in the Digitalisation Strategy. To achieve these goals, the university is pursuing an action plan. This plan contains new and existing measures, activities and projects.

The action plan makes digitalisation-related developments and advances in the three strategic action areas transparent to university members.


  • Action area 1 – Internal digitalisation at HAW Hamburg – activities in the following areas:
    • Foundations and framework
    • Digitalisation in teaching and studies
    • Digitalisation in study organisation
    • Digitalisation in research and transfer
    • Digitalisation in academic continuing education
    • Digitalisation in administration
    • Digitalisation of infrastructure and services
  • Action areas 2 and 3: Activities in the areas of dialogue and networking in the digital transformation

The Advisory Council for Digitalisation discusses and updates – i.e. further develops – the action plan on an ongoing basis. The action plan also provides the basis for the annual interim assessment of the digitalisation strategy.

A brief overview of the current status of the measures, activities and projects is provided in the  abbreviated version of the action plan (in German only) (updated: 11 March 2022).