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Forschungs- und Transferzentrum "Nachhaltigkeit und Klimafolgenmanagement"
Forschungs- und Transferzentrum "Nachhaltigkeit und Klimafolgenmanagement"

European Seminar on Sustainable Agriculture and Land Use (Euro-Agroland 2015)

1 – 2 June 2015 in Nitra, Slovakia

The agriculture sector is one of the key sectors of the European economy. But in order to succeed and ensure its long term viability in respect of nature protection and environmental quality, agriculture and land use practices need to be sustainable. But even though sustainability in agriculture and in land use are very important, there is a paucity of scientific events specifically devoted to this theme. Therefore, the “European Seminar on Sustainable Agriculture and Land Use” (EURO-AGROLAND 2015) is being organised, as joint initiative of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (Slovakia) and the Hamburg University of applied Sciences (Germany).

The event will focus on “integrative approaches to sustainable agriculture and land use”, and will contribute to the further development of this fast-growing field. The city of Nitra is approximately 90 km from Bratislava and around 140 km from Vienna. International delegates are recommended to use the airports in Vienna or Bratislava, in order to reach Nitra more rapidly.

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