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Forschungs- und Transferzentrum Applications of Life Sciences
Forschungs- und Transferzentrum Applications of Life Sciences

PhD Research

  • Raphael Cecchetti [Portugal]: Sustainability in  Higher Education
  • Linda Chalupova [Germany]: Sustainability waste management in mass catering
  • Edgars Chubars [Latvia]: Environmental  Management in Enterprises
  • Julia Gottwald [Germany]: Technology and  Know-How Transfer in Renewable Energy in a Higher Education Context
  • Ivars Jurchs [Latvia]: Sustainable Urban Development
  • Jokastah Kalungu (Kenia): Adapting agricultural production to climate change in semi-arid and sub-humid regions of Kenya
  • Irina Klimanova [Latvia]: Sustainable Development in rural regions.
  • Franziska Mannke [Germany]: Community-based adaptation to climate change – exploring the adaptive capacity of agricultural smallholder groups in St Lucia
  • Kumbirai Musiyiwa [Zimbabwe]: Agricultural adaptation to climate change by smallholder
    farmers in Zimbabwe
  • Ahmed Querish [Pakistan]: A decision-support instrument for environmental management.
  • Erika Ruskule [Latvia]: Environmental Accounting
  • Rita Santos [Brasil]: Environmental management and innovation
  • Andris Skromulis [Latvia]: Climate issues in municipalities.
  • Josep de Trincheria [Spain]: Rainwater harvesting management as a coping and adaptation strategy to climate variability and change in rural areas of arid and semi-arid regions of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Johanna Vogt [Germany]: Communication of climate change in education

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