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Forschungs- und Transferzentrum "Nachhaltigkeit und Klimafolgenmanagement"
Forschungs- und Transferzentrum "Nachhaltigkeit und Klimafolgenmanagement"

10th-12th December 2018: 2nd Symposium on Sustainability in University Campuses, Florence, Italy


The aims of the “2nd Symposium on Sustainability in University Campuses” are as follows:

  • i.    to provide universities all round the world with an opportunity to display and present their works on campus greening and sustainable campus development
  • ii.    to foster the exchange of information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of research, teaching and projects on campus greening and design, especially successful initiatives and good practice;
  • iii.    to discuss methodological approaches and projects which aim to integrate the topic of sustainable development in campus design and operations;
  • iv.    to network the participants and provide a platform so they can explore possibilities for cooperation.

Last but not least, a further aim of the event will be to document and disseminate the wealth of experiences available today. To this purpose, papers submitted to the event and accepted after peer-review will be published in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education. This is part of the award-winning “World Sustainability Series”, published by Springer, one of the world´s top five scientific publishers. The books in the series are fully peer-reviewed, and officially count as publication outputs for promotion and tenure purposes.

Profile of Participants

Delegates attending the “2nd Symposium on Sustainability in University Campuses” will come from a cross-sectoral range of areas. These are:

  • i.    members of university administrations;
  • ii.    campus facilities and operations staff;
  • iii.    teaching and research staff;
  • iv.    student groups;
  • v.    project officers and consultants;
  • vi.    other people interested in the field.

It is believed that this wide range of participants will help to outline the need for integrated approaches towards sustainable campus development.

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