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Forschungs- und Transferzentrum "Nachhaltigkeit und Klimafolgenmanagement"
Forschungs- und Transferzentrum "Nachhaltigkeit und Klimafolgenmanagement"

4th World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WSSD-U-2018)

Following-up the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)

4th World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WSSD-U-2018), Penang, Malaysia


I endorse the Editorial "Accelerating the Implementation of the SDGs" published at the "International Journal of Sustainable Development in Higher Education", since it is important to speed-up the procedures and action needed.

An early bird conference fee of  Euro  300 (Euro 150 for students) will be charged to registered delegates who register until 30th March 2018, so as to offset the preparation costs. The fee includes free lunches and coffee breaks on 29th-30th August 2018 and free on-line copy of the publication  "Universities as Living Labs for Sustainable Development: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”. After 30th March 2018 the full fees of Euro 360 (Euro 180 for students) will apply.

Organisations or individuals not able to pay this fee should contact the Secretariat so that it may be waived in special cases. Interested people and organisations are encouraged to register by completing the application form provided. This is a self-funded event and the organisers are unable to pay any travel or accommodation costs of any kind. They are however happy to issue letters of invitation to support delegates to request funding for their participation, provided their full papers (and not only the abstracts!) have been accepted.  

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