The student health project

Health promotion at universities is based on the Ottawa Charter for Health. The connection between individuals and the world they live in is emphasised in the following statement: 'Health is created and lived by people within the settings of their everyday life; where they learn, work, play, and love.' (WHO Ottawa Charter, 1986)

CamPuls is a research project that grew out of a student project on student health. With the submission of a project proposal and the development of a logo, students from the Health Sciences and Nutrition degree courses laid the foundation for the development of a student health management (SHM) programme and the transformation of HAW Hamburg into a health-promoting university.

The project initially focused primarily on raising awareness about the topic and assessing the needs of the various faculties. Now students can try out the various creative projects offered by CamPuls and acquire valuable information and knowledge in the areas of prevention and health promotion.