Students' Union (AStA)

The Students' Union (AStA) is the body that represents all students at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. It is elected annually by the Student Parliament and is made up of the executive board and a number of employees with different areas of responsiblity. The Students' Union is a political student-government body, and all students can become involved and contribute their skills and strengths.

Each department also has its own council of elected student representatives.

The Students' Union has the following responsibilities:

  • Representing the student body externally
  • Implementing the Student Parliament's decisions
  • Analysing and addressing current issues in German federal higher-education policy and transmitting them to the departments
  • Actively supporting equal opportunities for all individuals at HAW Hamburg
  • Serving as a central contact and information source for all students and their departmental representatives
  • Coordinating interdisciplinary topics
  • Advising students on relevant issues such as BAföG (financial aid), social issues (housing allowance, welfare, studying with a child, etc.), and suing for a study place
  • Supporting student interest groups (e.g. 'Organic products in the cafeteria')
  • Providing support and funding for student projects and initiatives
  • Cooperating with other universities, especially in Hamburg

You can find the current opening hours on the AStA website.

HAW Hamburg Students' Union (AStA)

Berliner Tor 11, Haus D
20099 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 28 46 456-70
Fax: +49 40 28 46 456-90
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