Forty-three international students awarded scholarships

Each semester, international students at HAW Hamburg can apply for scholarships for exceptional social commitment or academic excellence. To apply, international Bachelor’s students must have completed two semesters at HAW Hamburg and Master’s students must have completed one semester. Successful applicants receive a partial scholarship of €1,800 per semester.

Funding for the social commitment scholarships comes from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). From the seven applicants in summer semester 2020, four were selected. These students are not only very active as volunteers in the international context at HAW Hamburg but are also involved in other student committees or international initiatives. For example, one summer-semester recipient is involved in AIESEC, one of the largest international student organisations: There Fernanda Marbello is both active herself and encourages others to get involved. Through her work as part of a team she is developing her own soft skills and also witnessing others’ positive development. The Mexican Master’s student says the scholarship helping cover her costs of living and giving her parents a financial break during the corona pandemic.
Other students selected include two students from the Master’s degree course in Renewable Energy Systems, one from the Mechatronics Bachelor’s degree course, and one from the Clothing Technology and Management Bachelor’s course.

Fifty-five students also applied for academic excellence scholarships in summer semester 2020. As is the case each semester, most of the applications came from the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, where 911 of the 1,984 international students were enrolled during the summer semester. The large number of international students in the faculty is due to the English-language Information Engineering degree course, which has 175 international students.
A total of 39 students received awards: 22 from the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, including 11 from Information Engineering; eight from the Faculty of Life Sciences; seven from the Faculty of Design, Media and Information; and two from the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. Nine of the recipients are Master’s students. The scholarships are funded by the city of Hamburg and the Karl H.-Ditze Foundation.

To be selected for an excellence scholarship, students must submit their CV, their transcript and two letters of reference. A selection committee made up of two International Office staff members and a student representative selects the best candidates. All applicants have good to very good grades and are well above the minimum average grade of 2.2. International students can apply for the scholarship each semester during the standard period of study, which motivates them to keep up their outstanding achievements. Mohamed Moustafa, who received the award for the fourth time in a row this summer semester, says that while the workload is extremely heavy, the recognition provided by the award at the end of the semester helps him stay focused and motivated.

The scholarships are more than just recognition for above-average achievement. They are also a great help financially. They allow international students to concentrate on their studies and continue to get good grades. Even so, the semester still needs to be planned carefully. This is why Moustafa and his fellow student Shereef Helal prepare for their exams via well-structured weekly workplans and regular meetings with study groups. But they also still need free time and time for their personal interests, says Helal, who received the scholarship for a third time.

With grade point averages of 1.0, both students are at the top of their class in Information Engineering. In addition to the practice-oriented degree course, they value the many services that the HAW Hamburg and especially the International Office offer international students: The welcome weeks and the WeBuddy programme help students get oriented in Germany, Hamburg and at the university more quickly and to make new friends. Soft-skills workshops and the services provided by the Career Planning Centre help the students prepare to start their careers. Studying at HAW Hamburg is a giving them a good starting point for their future plans: heading directly into the professional field or a Master’s degree and subsequent research activity.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the scheduled network meeting for scholarship recipients can unfortunately not take place. A new date will be set as soon as the situation allows, so that students can share information and possibly initiate joint projects. We congratulate all the recipients and wish them continued success with their studies.

Information about the scholarships for international students is available on our website. The next application deadline is 15 October 2020.


Teresa Schaubs

International Office
T +49 40 428 75-9183