Corona pandemic

Get vaccinated, get tested and look out for one another - Update

The rate of coronavirus infections in Hamburg is currently 15.9 per 100,000 residents, and more than 61 per cent of people in the Hanseatic city have received their first vaccination. Now students are moving into the focus of the vaccination campaign: during the period from 21 to 27 July 2021, corona vaccinations will be available to all students (including international students) in Hamburg. No appointment is necessary.

Medical practitioner in protective clothing vaccinates a patient.

Through testing, vaccinations and mutual consideration, HAW Hamburg students and staff can help prevent another wave of the coronavirus.

Scientists such as Prof. Dr. Ralf Reintjes, professor of epidemology at HAW Hamburg, advise caution: 'In the fall, possibly as of September, we should expect the numbers to increase. Nobody can say with 100 per cent certainty, but several things make it likely.' This means it is up to each of us to protect not only ourselves from becoming infected, but also vulnerable social groups that cannot be vaccinated or will not be completely vaccinated by fall. For staff and students at HAW Hamburg, there are now various options for helping prevent a new wave of the coronavirus.


In addition to self-tests for use at home, all residents have the opportunity to undertake a rapid antigen corona test several times a week at no cost. In Hamburg there are test centres in every neighbourhood.

Those individuals who have received the first dose of their vaccination should continue to be tested regularly until at least 15 days after receiving their second dose, as they can still transmit the virus.


As of 28 June 2021, the vaccine priority list is no longer in effect at Hamburg's Vaccination Centre. This means that all adults are eligible to register there for a vaccination appointment. In addition, many general physicians (GPs) have been offering vaccinations for everyone since the beginning of June. HAW Hamburg employees also have the additional option of being vaccinated through the city of Hamburg's occupational health service (Arbeitsmedizinicher Dienst, AMD).

When you are vaccinated, it is important to note that only those people who attend the second vaccination appointment are fully vaccinated and protected. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the only vaccine that requires just one dose. Especially in the case of the Delta variant, say scientists, full protection is only provided once the second dose has been administered. When they register at the Vaccination Centre, individuals are automatically given two appointments. For vaccinations through the AMD, the second appointment is assigned once the first vaccination is complete.

Vaccination Centre

With the lifting of the vaccine priority list at the Hamburg Vaccination Centre, everyone is now eligible to register for an appointment there. The city of Hamburg has opened up additional appointments, which can be booked by phone (116 117) or online at

Special walk-in vaccinations for students are being offered from 21–27 July. Anyone can come to the Vaccination Centre, housed in the Messehallen (West Entrance, Lagerstraße 18a), between 8 am and 7 pm without making an appointment in advance. In addition to an identity card or passport, all you need is your student ID and – if you have it – your vaccination booklet. The offer also applies to international students. Students are not required to have a primary residence in Hamburg and can register using their semester address.

For HAW Hamburg employees only: Arbeitsmedizinischer Dienst (Hamburg's occupational health service)

The city of Hamburg's occupational health service (AMD) has also been offering vaccinations since 9 June. The AMD can currently vaccinate up to 1,500 people per week. HAW Hamburg staff with access to the city's FHH portal can register for an appointment via the portal. The AMD is also reserving appointments for those employees who do not have access to the portal. These appointments can be requested via the HAW Hamburg employee portal.

There are still several AMD vaccination appointments available for the first week of July. Employees can choose from the BionTech and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for these appointments. The date and time of the first appointment can be selected when you register via the FHH portal; this means you can also plan when the second appointment will be.

GP practices and hospitals

Vaccination appointments can also be booked at general practitioners' offices and at hospitals. You can arrange an appointment directly with the specific doctor's office or hospital.

Vaccination certificate

If the Covid-19 vaccination was administered at the Hamburg Vaccination Centre as part of the priority-group vaccinations, a digital vaccination certificate can be obtained online.

During the identification process, you are required to enter the number of your vaccination confirmation and the vaccine batch number in addition to your personal information. You can find this information on your vaccination confirmation. Once you have entered the information, you will be issued a downloadable individual document with the vaccination certificate. You can use the camera on your smartphone to scan the certificate and upload it to the app of your choice – for example, CovPass, Corona-Warn-App or Luca.

Important: The QR code printed on your vaccination confirmation is not the QR code for your vaccination certificate; it merely contains your information in the form of a code. It is necessary to download the certificate separately in order for it to be uniformly valid across Germany and Europe. The digital vaccination certificate is supplementary. It is intended to make it easier to carry and check the vaccination certificate. The yellow vaccination booklet or the form issued to certify the vaccination will also continue to be accepted as proof.

This process is so far not possible for those individuals vaccinated as part of the AMD vaccination campaign, but work is underway to implement it. The AMD is currently issuing proof of vaccination with the batch numbers, either in the vaccination booklet or as a replacement form. Participating pharmacies can issue the digital vaccination certificate when a minimum of 15 days have passed since the second vaccination. You can find an overview of the pharmacies online.

HAW Hamburg students and employees can always find up-to-date information and guidelines about the coronavirus on the university website. An interview with occupational physician Dr. Peschke and empidemiologist Prof. Dr. Reintjes provides additional information on testing, vaccinations and joint efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Test centres at HAW Hamburg

Test centres have been set up at the Berliner Tor and Bergedorf campuses. They offer rapid antigen tests, which should ideally be booked in advance online. If you register on-site you should expect a longer wait. If you have questions about the testing service please send a mail to info (@)

Berliner Tor Campus Test Centre
Address: Stiftstraße 69, 20099 Hamburg, room 72
Hours: 28 June–17 July 2021: Mon–Fri: 6:00 am–6:00 pm; Sat: 6:00 am–10:00 am

Register online with GoTestMe.

Bergedorf Campus Test Centre
Address: Ulmenliet 20, 21033 Hamburg
Access: Please follow the signs from the Mensa patio.
Hours: 5 July 2021–17 July 2021: Mon–Fri: 11:00 am–4:00 pm

Register online with GoTestMe.