Launch of ‘HaMoNee - Hamburg/Hanoi Mobile Engineers’ project: virtual seminar for 52 budding automotive engineers

From 6 to 8 December 2021, Prof. Dr. Dirk Engel, Professor of Mechatronic Systems in Chassis Engineering (FuF) at HAW Hamburg and initiator of the 'HaMoNee' project, held a virtual short course for students from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).

Verleihung eines virtuellen Zertifikats für die Seminarteilnahme

Virtual Awarding Ceremony

The three-day seminar, entitled 'Modeling aspects in Advanced Automotive Engineering' and attended by a total of 52 students from HUST, marks the launch of the HaMoNee project, a collaboration between HUST and HAW Hamburg. During the weeks of intense discussion that preceded this virtual exchange, the parties to the collaboration consistently pursued one primary purpose, which Assoc. Prof. Phạm Văn Sáng, Vice-Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering at HUST, put into words as follows:

‘Our only purpose, our only target is to bring the best education, bring the best training to our students who will be the automotive engineers of the near future.’ (Assoc. Prof. Phạm Văn Sáng, HUST)

Accordingly, he expressed his great joy and gratitude for the seminar, the cooperation’s inaugural event, from which his students were able to benefit. Concurring, Prof. Dr. Dirk Engel highlighted the success of the course as a promising foretaste of the exchange activities planned for the coming years and as a first step towards the establishment and expansion of a long-term strategic partnership between HUST and HAW Hamburg:

‘[…] this course showed us that there are commonalities and a lot of things to grow and to be worth working on, in order to develop a long and lasting cooperation between HUST and the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.’ (Prof. Dr.-Ing Dirk Engel, HAW Hamburg)

At the conclusion of the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Phạm Văn Sáng and Prof. Dirk Engel awarded a virtual certificate to the students in recognition of their successful completion of the course. Dr. Phùng Lan Hương, head of HUST’s External Affairs Office, took the opportunity to congratulate the students on their achievement, expressing HUST’s gratitude for the promising collaboration with HAW Hamburg and its anticipation of future work within the ‘HaMoNee’ project:

‘[…] so I strongly believe that the collaboration in the framework of the HaMoNee project between our university and HAW Hamburg will develop more in the future, so please let me express my great congratulations again to all of you and very best wishes to you.’ (Dr. Phùng Lan Hương, HUST)

Martina Schulze, head of HAW Hamburg’s International Office, also congratulated and thanked all involved, including the DAAD for its generous financial support, and expressed gratitude and pride on behalf of HAW Hamburg in this cooperation with a top-flight institution:  

‘We are very proud and happy that we have managed to find you as a partner. You are a very prestigious university and we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have a chance to cooperate with you.’ (Martina Schulze, HAW Hamburg)

The purposes of the DAAD-funded project ‘HaMoNee - Hamburg/ Hanoi Mobile Engineers’ are to promote the international mobility of students and teaching staff at HAW Hamburg and its partner universities in Vietnam, develop collaborative programmes of study taught in English, and establish a long-term strategic partnership with universities and industry partners in Vietnam, with a view to extending these activities to other countries in East and South East Asia. HUST – Vietnam's leading university of science and technology – is one of four universities and three industry partners on board in the project.

Students of HAW Hamburg and the other partner institutions who undertake a stay abroad in the context of this project receive a tuition fee waiver, support with necessary paperwork and administrative issues, and a full scholarship for a semester-long stay, short courses or internships at participating universities and partner organisations in industry. Alongside student exchanges, regular exchanges of teaching staff to and from Vietnam are part of the project.

The call for applications for places on the outbound exchange to Vietnam planned to commence in summer semester 2023 will be issued in spring 2022. In line with the specialisms of the institutions and organisations involved, the project’s primary target group is students and academic teaching staff in the field of automotive engineering. However, students from other disciplines and degree courses may also apply, subject to the availability of appropriate courses/internships at the relevant partner institution.

Author and contact person: Svenja Henseleit

Project coordinator 'HaMoNee – Hamburg/Hanoi Mobile Engineers'
International Office / Department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering
Stiftstr. 69
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T +49 40 428 75-9842
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