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HAW Hamburg

HAW Hamburg – Four Faculties

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is made up of four faculties covering the fields of engineering, life sciences, business, design and media as well as social sciences:

Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science

This Faculty is made up of four departments: Automotive & Aeronautical Engineering, Information & Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Production as well as Computer Science |more...|

Faculty of Life Sciences

This Faculty has seven departments: Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering, Health Sciences, Nutrition & Home Economics as well as Industrial Engineering |more...|

Faculty of Design, Media & Information

This Faculty is made up of three departments covering programmes in Design (Illustration, Communication Design, Fashion, Textiles and Costume Design, Media (Media Technology and Games) and  Information (Digital Information and Library Management) |more...|


Faculty of Business & Social Sciences

This Faculty is made up of four departments: Department of Business, Department of Social Work, Department of Public Management as well as the Department of Nursing & Management |more...|

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