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HAW Hamburg


With its creative scene and large publishing houses Hamburg has important location advantages for media and design-oriented programmes. The Faculty of Design, Media and Information prepares students for this exciting business sector with a variety of degree programmes.


The design degree programmes all have foundation studies with intensive groundwork in artistic and design techniques. In the main studies design concepts are developed in a wide spectrum of applications in all media from book, photography, web design to a fashion collection. The quality of this design work regularly receives distinctions and prizes. German website

Media Technology

Studies focus on engineering but look also at the artistic side of the media world and film with students making their own film projects. As one of the largest German media locations Hamburg offers graduates good career possibilities, from technical management in television, radio and theatres and for events as well as the new area of games. German website


Study majors are in the areas of digital media and information management enabling students to learn to obtain, communicate and archive information. Graduates of the department work in libraries, develop multi-media concepts and database solutions, work in public relations and profit from Hamburg being Germany's most important media centre. German website

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HAW Hamburg

Faculty of Design,
Media & Information

Campus Finkenau
Campus Armgartstraße

Department of Design
Prof. Christian Hahn
Department Head

Department of Media Technology
Prof. Dr. Nils Martini
Department Head

Department of Information

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Verch
Department Head

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