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International exchange and strategic partnerships

Exchange programmes

We offer undergraduate classes in English for exchange students from our partner universities in the following areas:

Aeronautical Engineering

Exchange students can take classes in English from our two study majors - Aircraft Design and Lightweight Structures and Cabin and Cabin Systems. Located in the third largest region for civil aviation in the world, we have expertise on our doorstep. more...

Automotive Engineering

Germany is the fourth largest car manufacturing nation in the world and the automotive industry is a driving force of the economy. We are a leader in the field of automotive engineering, specialising in vehicle design and with close links to industry. more...

Computer Science

Computer Science is everywhere. Regardless of whether you are interested in pure science, applied software engineering or thrilled by the idea of interdisciplinary research, the HAW Hamburg offers an interesting choice of modules in English. more...

Information Engineering

Today's complex information processing systems require know-how of hardware, software and information technology. We offer classes in English to help you understand, specify, design and maintain systems and to specialise further. more...

Mechanical Engineering

Germany is not only a pacemaker in engineering products but also shows how it is possible to supply a modern energy-dependent society with an environmentally-friendly energy base. The department offers a small range of courses in English for exchange students. more...

Exchange students with at least B2 German can also take undergraduate classes in other areas that are offered in German only. See our list of Bachelor programmes.

More information about studying abroad as an exchange student at the HAW Hamburg. Our Student Exchange Coordinator is your main partner for questions about studying abroad at the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science.

University cooperations

The faculty has a wide range of university cooperations throughout Europe and overseas:
List of partner universities

Strategic partnerships and networks:

Shanghai-Hamburg College

HAW Hamburg has been cooperating with the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST) in engineering since 1985. In 1998 the two universities set up a Joint College in Shanghai in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Students of the Shanghai-Hamburg-College participate in a four-year Bachelor's programme in German and Chinese. The first year is spent learning German. 35% of the lectures are held by HAW Hamburg professors in Shanghai. Graduates receive a German and a Chinese Bachelor certificate (ASIIN accreditation). Website Shanghai-Hamburg College

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Shanghai-Hamburg College

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International undergraduate programmes: