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MSc Biomedical Engineering

The programme offers Bachelor graduates the opportunity to advance their knowledge of medical technology and focus on electrical engineering and information technology. Our graduates use their engineering know-how to evaluate and solve problems in medicine and work with other health care professionals to improve health care therapy and diagnostics. more information...

MSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The programme is a discovery-led course and helps Bachelor graduates to increase their knowledge of biotechnological processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Theory modules focus on bio-pharmaceutical production processes, bio-process automation, process simulation, pharmaceutical technology, cell culture technology and bioanalytics. more information...

MEng Renewable Energy Systems

An increasing global demand for energy and the effect of global warming require new concepts for a sustainable energy supply. Renewable energy technologies will play a key role in meeting these challenges. The focus of the programme is on systems engineering and prepares graduates for careers in engineering design and operation of renewable energy plants. more information....

MPH Public Health

The programme focuses on the determinants of health problems from a global and interdisciplinary perspective and looks at European and global public health policy, epidemiology and biostatistics, health promotion and health behaviour. Graduates have the scientific and practical skills to independently conduct research to help support policy changes. more information...

MSc Health Sciences

The programme looks at qualitative and quantitative research methods used in a wide variety of areas that include health sciences, public health and statistical data analysis, ethics and epistemology, family, community and occupational health, health economics and global health, infectious and non-communicable disease epidemiology, health behaviour. more information...

European Master Medical Technology and Healthcare Business (MSc)

The medical technology and healthcare business is a leading growth sector worldwide. Study this topic in English in three countries (Germany, Portugal and France) and look at the technical, scientific and business aspects of this field. Globalization of markets create excellent employment and career chances. more information

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