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The Faculty of Life Sciences is located at the university's second largest site lies in the southeast of Hamburg at our Campus Bergedorf. It has seven departments covering the areas of applied life sciences engineering, nutrition and health as well as industrial engineering.

Life Sciences Engineering

The departments Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Process Engineering focus on practice-oriented teaching and research in close cooperation with industry. Excellent students are integrated into the faculty's own research projects. Degrees are also offered in Rescue Engineering and Hazard Control.  German website

Nutrition & Home Economics

Graduates of the Department of Nutrition & Home Economics work in management and quality control positions in product development, production, marketing and sales of household services, comestibles and technical apparatus. Others focus on counselling, further education as well as public relations for nutrition and public health. German website

Health Sciences

The Department of Health Sciences has the study majors Health Promotion/Prevention and Health Reporting/Epidemiology. A special focus is also possible in the areas of Health Management and Public Health. The department also offers Master programmes in English in Public Health and Health Sciences. German website

Industrial Engineering

The HAW Hamburg collaborates with the University of Hamburg to offer Bachelor and Master degrees in the field of industrial engineering. The collaboration also includes the Helmut-Schmidt University at Master's level. German website

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HAW Hamburg

Faculty of Life Sciences
Campus Bergedorf

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Prof. Dr. Marc Schütte
Department Head

Dept. of Biotechnology

Prof. Dr. Jörg Andrä
Department Head

Dept. of Environmental Engineering
Prof. Dr. Timon Kampschulte
Department Head

Dept. of Process Engineering

Prof. Dr. Falk Beyer
Department Head

Dept. of Nutrition & Home Economics

Prof. Dr. Petra Naujoks
Department Head

Dept. of Health

Prof. Dr.
Department Head

Dept. of Industrial Engineering
Prof. Dr. Marcus Schiefer
Department Head