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International Bachelor Applicants

Bachelor degrees at the HAW Hamburg

In the HAW Hamburg's four faculties you will find a wide range of practice-oriented Bachelor's degrees in engineering, business, life sciences, design and media as well as social sciences.
All Bachelor programmes / Bachelor programme in English

Choosing a Bachelor programme

Do you need help deciding what to study? Our Student Counsellors are there to help. Students with a good level of German can also use the Studienwahl-Navigator and take the HAW Navigator self-test. For EU applicants the self-test is an entry requirement to be able to apply online for most of our German Bachelor programmes: |more...|

Entry requirements

What academic qualifications must I have? Do I have to send my certificates to uni-assist? Do I need an APS certificate? How good does my German have to be? Do I need a TOEFL test? What work experience (Vorpraxis) do I need? Do you have a Studienkolleg? |more...|

Applying online to the HAW Hamburg

What are the application deadlines? How can I apply? How can I improve my chances of getting a place? Can I change my degree programme? Find answers to these questions, a step-by-step guide to applying and the link to the online application process. |more...|

More information & FAQs

Follow the menu to the left to find information about living in Hamburg, tuition fees & scholarships, visa & legal questions, being a successful student, campus life, what our students say and FAQs from Bachelor student applicants and the answers.

DISCLAIMER: We try our best to ensure that the information on these English pages is up-to-date. In cases of dispute the German pages are the official pages.

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HAW Hamburg
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Ground Floor
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Thurs. 2 - 4 p.m. (room 119)

Campus Berliner Tor
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20099 Hamburg

»I was looking for a degree programme with a combination of technology and science and I found what I was looking for at the HAW Hamburg

Ines Lienou Lzeutchi, Cameroon
BSc Process Engineering