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HAW Hamburg

Hochschulstart - Central German Application System

If you want to study one of the following degree programmes at the HAW Hamburg, your first step before you apply online is to register with

  • Aeronautical Engineering (Flugzeugbau)
  • Applied Computer Science (Angewandte Informatik)
  • Automotive Engineering (Fahrzeugbau)
  • Electrical Engineering (Elektrotechnik & Informationstechnik)
  • Environmental Engineering (Umwelttechnik)
  • Foreign Trade / International Management (Außenwirtschaft/Internationales Management)
  • Health Sciences (Gesundheitswissenschaften)
  • Library & Information Management (Bibliotheks- und Informationsmangement)
  • Logistics & Business (Logistik/TBWL)
  • Marketing & Business (Marketing/TBWL)
  • ME / Energy & Plant Systems (Maschinenbau/Energie- und Anlagensysteme)
  • ME / Development & Design (Maschinenbau / Entwicklung und Konstruktion)
  • Mechatronics (Mechatronik)
  • Media & Information (Medien und Information)
  • Nutrition & Home Economics (Ökotrophologie)
  • Process Engineering (Verfahrenstechnik)
  • Production Technology & Management (Produktionstechnik & -management)
  • Social Work (Soziale Arbeit)
  • Technical Computer Science (Technische Informatik)

Hochschulstart is a central application system for Germany. When you register here you will receive your offers for study places from them and not directly from the universities you applied to.

fold faq Hochschulstart - step-by-step

1. Register with

2. You will get a User-ID (Bewerber-ID) and a Applicant Authentification Number (BAN - Bewerber-Authentifizierungsnummer)

3. You will also get a user account, where you can see any offers you get from universities.

4. Apply online to the HAW Hamburg and upload all requested documents. Documents uploaded to will not be forwarded to us.

5. If we make you an offer of a degree place you will see this in your user account on All offers will be visible in your account by 15.08. (for applications to the winter semester) or 15.02. (for applications to the summer semester) at the latest.

6. When you accept the offer through the account you will receive an official letter of acceptance (Zulassungsbescheid) from us.

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