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Studienkolleg - Getting your qualifications to study in Germany

If your school-leaving certificate is not sufficient to allow you to study in a German Bachelor's programme, you have the possibility to take a one-year course at a Studienkolleg at the end of which you take an aptitude test [Feststellungsprüfung]. With this qualification you can apply for a place in a Bachelor's degree programme. 

The Studienkolleg offers different courses and you should choose a course that prepares you for the degree programme you intend to study. For the degree programmes at the HAW Hamburg we recommend the following:

T-Kurs: Aeronautical Engineering, Applied Computer Science, Automotive Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Clothing Technology & Management, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Environmental Engineering, European Computer Science, Hazard Control, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - Development & Design, Mechanical Engineering - Energy & Plant Systems, Mechatronics, Media Systems, Media Technology, Process Engineering, Production Technology & Management, Renewable Energy Systems & Management, Rescue Engineering, Technical Computer Science

W-Kurs: Foreign Trade/International Management, Logistics/TBWL, Marketing/TWBL, Public Management, Social Work 

M-Kurs: Health Science, Interdisciplinary Healthcare & Management, Nursing, Nutrition & Home Economics 

G-Kurs: Communication Design, Education & Learning in Childhood, Fashion/Costume & Textile Product Design, Illustration, Library & Information Management, Media & Information

Application deadlines:
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences does NOT have its own Studienkolleg. Please apply to the Studienkolleg at Hamburg University, if you would like to go to a Studienkolleg in Hamburg.

There are two application deadlines:

30. September [lessons start 1. January of the following year]
31. März [lessons start 1. August]

We do however, accept certificates from all German Studienkollegs.

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 Studienkolleg Hamburg
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Hamburger Straße 35
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T +49.40.428 63-2107

The lessons take place at the
Studienkolleg of
Hamburg University
Holstenglacis 6
20355 Hamburg