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Work experience as an entry requirement (Vorpraxis)

The university of applied sciences system in Germany places great emphasis on a practical approach to the degree programmes. As part of this idea, the HAW Hamburg requires proof of work experience of 9 - 13 weeks (Vorpraxis) as an entry requirement for some of its Bachelor's programmes.

fold faq What does the work experience include?

The work experience should give an insight into the fields of work typical for your chosen degree programme and ensure an initial practical experience, which can then be developed further during the Bachelor's programme. Each department has defined regulations for the work experience for each degree programme. You can find them on the department websites or request them in writing from the department directly.

fold faq Does my degree programme have work experience as an entry requirement?

The undergraduate degree programme information pages will tell you if your chosen programme has work experience as an entry requirement.

fold faq Does the work experience have to be completed before starting the degree programme?

No, it can be completed at any time during the first three semesters (foundation course). It is usually a prerequisite for the successful completion of the foundation course. We recommend however, that you complete the work experience before starting your degree programme, as lectures and coursework take up a lot of time during the semester.

fold faq Can I complete the work experience in my home country?

In general it is possible to complete the work experience before coming to Germany, though it can sometimes lead to problems of accreditation by the department. We therefore recommend that you complete the work experience in a German company. You should contact the placement advisor in your intended department for advice and to check that what you are planning to do, fulfils the regulations for the work experience defined for your degree programme.

fold faq More questions?

Please contact the placement advisor (Praktikantenberater) in your department as he/she is responsible for the official accreditation of the work experience (Vorpraxis) and can advise you when you have questions. If you cannot find the person, you can ask the Student Advisors for the name and room number.

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