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Changing degree programmes or universities

Despite all the planning and talking to people it is still possible to choose the wrong degree programme. The classes are not what you expected, you don't like the style of teaching or you are just not happy in the town where your university is located. If you are changing degree programmes within the HAW Hamburg or want to move to the HAW Hamburg from another university, then you have to remember the following important information:

1. As an international student you must change your programme and/or your university before you have completed the 3rd semester.

2. If you are planning to change after the 3rd semester you should ensure that previous examination credits will be recognised towards your new degree programme, so that you can be placed in a higher semester and do not start in the 1st semester. The Chair of the Examination Board (Prüfungsausschussvorsitzender) for your new degree programme can tell you if courses can be recognised. The Ausländerbehörde will look to see if you are starting from scratch and may not approve a change if this is the case.

3. If you have failed an exam (final attempt) in the same or similar degree programme at another German university, you cannot continue your studies at the HAW Hamburg.

4. Even if you are already enrolled at the HAW Hamburg you have to make a new online application if you want to change your degree programme. Please try and ensure that previous exam credits are recognised towards your new programme, so that you are put into a higher semester. This will increase your chances of getting a place.

5. If you are successful and get a place on a new programme you must go immediately to the Ausländerbehörde to inform them and get your residence permit changed.

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