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Getting started with studying - Tutorials for Bachelor students

Studying at a university is completely different to going to school and the first couple of semesters are not always easy - for German or international students. In order to help our new Bachelor students we encourage you to take part in our TSE study orientation tutorials. 

What are TSE study orientation tutorials?

TSE is a set of ten tutorials for first semester students and organised by students from higher semesters. This peer-to-peer approach means the tutorials are more relaxed and you can feel comfortable asking questions, as these students have all been where you are now.

In small groups of a maximum of 20 students you meet with two student tutors regularly during the semester for 1.5 hour tutorials. The TSE topics are designed to help you with different issues that you will face as you study at the HAW Hamburg. They also introduce you to other students in your degree programme, so you can build study groups and prepare for exams together.

TSE study orientation tutorial topics:

The following topics can be part of the TSE study orientation tutorials for Bachelor students:

  • Meet & Greet - "Hello, how are you? Who are you? - getting to know the group
  • New in Hamburg - getting to know the city
  • Setting up a study plan
  • Learning to study at a university - how do I study? What study methods are there?
  • Self-motivation and knuckling down to study
  • Time management - getting your studies organised 
  • Getting good grades - how to prepare for your exams
  • Developing key competences
  • Giving a good presentation and project management
  • What are you going to do after graduation? - looking at career perspectives
  • Studying abroad during your studies
  • Mentoring and academic support

How can I take part?

Not all departments offer TSE tutorials. If your degree programme offers TSE tutorials you will receive information them as part of the orientation week for freshmen. If you miss this information or have questions about TSE you can contact Anke Hellwig or Katrin Hassel.

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HAW Hamburg
Team Studieneinstieg (TSE)

Katrin Hassel
Tel.: +49.40.428 75-9160
Room 4.04 / 4th floor
Building H

Regina Abraham
Tel.: +49.40.428 75-9113
Room 120 / 1st floor
Building G

Campus Berliner Tor
Students Centre
Stiftstr. 69
20099 Hamburg

Being a TSE Tutor:

If you would like to be a TSE tutor, please contact one of the above programme coordinators for more information.