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Master degrees at the HAW Hamburg

In the HAW Hamburg's four faculties you can continue your studies and work on research in the fields of engineering, business, life sciences, design and media as well as social sciences.
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Entry requirements

What academic qualifications must I have? Do I have to send my certificates to uni-assist? Do I need an APS certificate? How good does my German have to be? Do I need a TOEFL test? What is a GRE or GMAT and do I need one to apply? |more...|

Applying online to the HAW Hamburg

What are the application deadlines? How can I apply? How can I improve my chances of getting a place? Find answers to these questions, a step-by-step guide to applying and the link to the online application process. |more...|

Doing a PhD at the HAW Hamburg

Is it possible to do a PhD at the HAW Hamburg? What research opportunities do you offer? While we cannot offer the academic qualification, it is still possible to do a PhD at the HAW Hamburg more... Information on our strategic research areas

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Follow the menu to the left to find information about living in Hamburg, tuition fees & scholarships, visa & legal questions, campus life, what our students say and FAQs from Master student applicants and the answers.

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HAW Hamburg
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Ground Floor
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Thurs. 2 - 4 p.m. (room 119)

Campus Berliner Tor
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20099 Hamburg

"The bioprocess automation lab, headed by Prof. Dr. Luttmann, is state-of- the-art and he provided me with constant support and a place to work in his lab for my project and thesis."

Vignesh Rajamanickam, India,
MSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology