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What are the entry requirements for Master applicants?

In general, the HAW Hamburg expects Master applicants to have a Bachelor's degree in the field (or associated field) in which they want to continue their studies at Master's level and an academic Bachelor's grade of at least 2.5 or better (German university grading system).

Each Master's programme at the HAW Hamburg, however, has its own specific set of entry requirements, so please check the details for your chosen Master's programme in the Master's degree information sheet (see page 1): Click on the link for your degree programme in the table in the column "German name & information" for the information sheet.

The following are the general entry requirements for a Master's programme at the HAW Hamburg:

fold faq Academic qualifications - uni assist

All international student applicants*: You must apply online to uni assist (uni assist online portal) and send certified copies of your school-leaving certificate, Bachelor's certificate, etc. to uni assist BEFORE you can apply to the HAW Hamburg. They will check if your qualifications meet the entry requirements for a degree programme at our university and will provide you with a VPD certificate (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) which you must include in your application to the HAW Hamburg. Please be advised that the process with uni assist can take 4-6 weeks. uni assist Website

*Exception: If you have a German Bachelor's degree, you do not need to apply to uni assist.

fold faq APS - Akademische Prüfstelle (China, Vietnam, Mongolia applicants)

Student applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam must get their high school and university certificates checked and certified by the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) in Beijing, Shanghai, Hanoi or Ul Bator. You must send a certified copy of your APS certificate with your application to uni assist. More information can be found on the APS website

fold faq German language

In order to be able to study at the HAW Hamburg you must have a good working knowledge of the German language [Exception: applicants for degree programmes in English*]. If you hold a relevant language certificate, please submit it as an officially authenticated copy with your application. It must not be older than two years, unless you have studied successfully at a German university since taking the examination. more...

fold faq English language

International applicants for English-language degree programmes, whose first language is not English, must provide proof of their language ability. The certificate must not be older than two years, unless you have studied in an English-language programme since taking the test. more...

fold faq GRE / GMAT

In addition to a Bachelor's qualification some of the Master's programmes will also request a GRE Revised General Test. Our institution code is 7031. Please check the degree programme information sheets for your chosen degree programme. More information about the test and how to apply can be found here:

Some Master's programmes require a GMAT either as an entry requirement or as a recommendation to improve your chances of getting a place. Please check the degree programme information sheets for your chosen degree programme. More information about the test and how to apply can be found 

fold faq Applicants for Design programmes

Applicants for the design degree programmes at the HAW Hamburg must also take an Artistic Aptitude Test [künstlerische Eignungsprüfung]. This takes place in June. To participate you must submit a portfolio of your work to the Design department at the beginning of June. More information in German

Once you are sure about the entry requirements you can move on to the information about the online application process. This contains a step-by-step checklist for applying to the HAW Hamburg. Go to online application.

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