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Examinations, transcripts and de-registration

Faculty Service Offices

Each faculty has its own Faculty Service Office. They are the people to talk to in the following matters:

fold faq Examinations

a) Registering for examinations: For most degree programmes, this service and your student record are available in HELIOS. All other students should contact their Faculty Service Office.

b) Absence due to illness: If you are unable to attend an examination due to illness, you must submit a medical certificate to your Faculty Service Office.

c) Entering grade in HELIOS To have your examination grades entered in your student record in HELIOS, please contact your Faculty Service Office.

fold faq Transcripts

Students on most degree programmes can print off a list of their grades from their HELIOS account. They can then have the print-out stamped and signed. This service is free of charge.

Students on the Diplom programmes that are currently being phased out who cannot view their student records in HELIOS can request an interim transcript. This is then issued on the basis of the course completion records or their student record file. There is a fee for this service, which is currently 40 euros.

fold faq Degree certificates

The Bachelor or Master certificates are issued ca. 2-3 weeks after the final examination or final submission is graded (this is usually your Bachelor or Master thesis). 

If you would like your certificate to be posted to you, please hand in a stamped addressed envelope at your Faculty Service Office. Please make sure the postage is correct.

Students Registrar Office

The Students Registrar Office (Studierendensekretariat) is in the Students Service Centre at the Berliner Tor campus (Stiftstr. 69, ground floor). They can help you with the following:

fold faq Proof of student status for pension purposes

If you require this notice for your pension provider, simply complete the application form and press "Send" to submit it to the Students Registrar Office. Provided that all information is forwarded correctly, you will not need to submit any documents to the Student Registrar's Office. 

Applications usually take 1-2 weeks to process. We do not provide confirmation of receipt.

fold faq De-registraton (Exmatrikulation) from the university

a) Upon graduation

You are automatically deregistered upon successful completion of your final Diplom, Bachelor or Master examination. 

b) withdrawal from the university

If you have decided to withdraw from HAW Hamburg before the end of your degree, please apply for deregistration in writing, briefly stating your reasons, or use the application form in Helios

c) changing degree programme

You do not need to deregister if you are switching to another degree programme also offered by HAW Hamburg. 

Timescale for de-registration

It usually takes four weeks for the deregistration process to be completed. Please bear this in mind if you are intending to apply for deregistration. Once your application has been processed, you will receive confirmation of deregistration and your pension statement. If you need immediate confirmation of deregistration, for example because you are changing university, please state this in your application. We will then send you preliminary confirmation.

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