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HAW Hamburg chip card

Student ID

Your chip card at the HAW Hamburg is a multi-purpose electronic matriculation card. The front of the card is your student ID card and semester ticket. It is valid for the duration of your degree programme at HAW Hamburg. All you need to do is validate the card at the start of each semester. The chip card can be extended for another semester once you have successfully re-registered.

fold faq Where do I get my student ID chip card and what do I need to bring with me?

The HAW Hamburg chip cards are available only from our Chip Card Services Offices (Chipkartenbüro) on campus. Please bring along a valid ID card or passport and the printed semester ticket that was sent to you with your enrolment letter. If you have lost your printed semester ticket, you will have to provide a declaration to that effect before you can get your chip card.

You do not need to bring a photo with you. We will take your photo in the office. We are unable to use other photos.

Your first chip card is free of charge.

fold faq Extending - validating - your chip card

"Validating" means updating your chip card for the new semester. You insert your chip card in a validation station. The card is checked and, if all the data is OK, printed with the new "valid until" date (end of the semester). The semester ticket is also updated. Please check the printed details after validation.

If the new details are not correct, please contact the Chip Card Services Office.

Before extending a chip card, the validation station checks whether you have paid the semester contribution for the new semester and if you have correctly re-registered.

fold faq Where are the validation stations on campus?

Bergedorf Campus(Lohbrügger Kirchstraße 65)

  • 2 x main building, outside Lecture Hall S, Room 0.45
  • 1 x main building, on the left before the entrance to the cafeteria

Berliner Tor Campus

  • 2 x Berliner Tor 5, foyer
  • 2 x Berliner Tor 7, ground floor, photocopying room
  • 1 x Berliner Tor 21, 3rd floor, photocopying room
  • 1 x Stiftstr. 69, ground floor, in front of Room 77
  • 1 x Alexanderstr. 1, ground floor, assembly room

Finkenau Campus

  • 1 x Finkenau 35, ground floor, corridor
  • 1 x Finkenau 35, basement, rear exit
fold faq How do I validate my chip card if I am not in Hamburg?

If you are not in Hamburg because of a study semester abroad or an internship in a different city when your chip card expires, simply send us your card, a copy of your ID card or passport and an envelope addressed to you (NOT stamped). We will validate your chip card and return it to you free of charge.

fold faq Important information about looking after your chip card

Your chip card is a piece of high technology, so please look after it carefully. Your chip card can be damaged if you expose it to heat (direct sunlight, washing machine, etc.) or impact or bend it (do not use it as an ice scraper, carry it unprotected in your back pocket, etc.).

Please also remember that your semester ticket is only valid if the photo is clearly identifiable and the writing legible. Please carry your card in a card holder. Free card holders are available from the Chip Card Services Offices.

fold faq Change of name, theft or loss of chip card - what can I do?

1. A replacement card can be issued free of charge in the following cases, if your surname has changed, the card was stolen and it was reported to the police or there is an electronic malfunction of an otherwise undamaged card.

Please bring the completed form (see below) and a valid ID card (EU and Switzerland only) or passport.

2. A fee of €30 will be charged for replacement cards in the following cases, if the card was stolen but not reported to the police, if it is lost or in the case of mechanical damage, e.g. TRW strip worn, card bent or cracked.

Please transfer the €30 to the following account:

Recipient:      HAW Hamburg
IBAN:             DE78 2000 0000 0020 1015 45
BIC:               MARKDEF1200
Reference:     3510102050-1 first name, surname

For your replacement chip card, please take the payment confirmation together with your completed application form (see below) and a valid ID card (EU and Switzerland only) or passport to the Chip Card Services Office.

Download form for the replacement of HAW Hamburg student ID

Semester ticket

Your HAW Hamburg chip card is also a semester ticket for public transport in Hamburg. With it you can travel on buses, the underground, S-Bahn city trains and local and regional trains in the HVV transport authority area (2nd class). A fee is charged for the "SchnellBusse" express buses; please pay the driver. Up to three children aged 14 or under can travel for free with someone with a valid semester ticket. More information is available on the HVV website.

The semester ticket is valid if the details printed on the chip card are up to date. The "valid to" date is printed on during validation. The costs of the semester ticket are included in the semester contribution.

fold faq Getting a semester ticket refund BEFORE the semester starts

The fee for the semester ticket can be refunded in full in the following cases:

  • for health reasons, for example if you are unable to use public transport
  • if you are not in Hamburg, for example on placement in another town or studying abroad
  • for distance reasons, for example if you live right beside the faculty
  • for social welfare reasons

You can apply to the Studierendenwerk Hamburg for an exemption. If the refund is granted, please take the relevant letter to the Chip Card Services Office, where they will have the HVV stamp on your chip card deleted. You will then be issued a confirmation that you must send to Studierendenwerk Hamburg. Only then will you receive your refund.

The fee for the semester ticket can only be refunded for the complete semester and only before the start of the semester. No refunds will be given for individual tickets that you bought before receiving your semester ticket or your electronic student ID card.

If you are exempt from the semester ticket charge in the current semester, you cannot have the semester ticket for the new semester printed on your student ID card at the validation stations until ten days before the start of the new semester.

fold faq Part-refund of the semester ticket after deregistration (Exmatrikulation)

If you leave university before the end of the semester, you can apply for a partial refund from the S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH "Fahrgeldstelle" ticket enquiries office.

Hühnerposten 1 (Stair B, 6th floor)
20097 Hamburg
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 18:00

Please note that you must first have your semester ticket deleted. Please contact the Chip Card Services Office. You will need your electronic student ID card and a photocopy of your deregistration certificate.

Library card

You can also use your chip card to borrow books from the HAW Hamburg libraries. You can register online, download the application form online or fill out the form in the library. Please speak to a person at one of the libraries for more information.


You can use the e-purse to pay in HAW Hamburg cafeterias and cafés at Berliner Tor, Finkenau and Bergedorf that are run by Studierendenwerk Hamburg. There is no fee for the use of the e-purse. All tills in the cafeterias and cafés are fitted with little grey card readers which allow you to pay with your chip card. Please follow the instructions of the staff at the till. You can block your e-purse if it is stolen. Please note however, that the card is like cash and we cannot refund any sums used by or paid out to others.

fold faq Topping up, transferring and accessing card money credit

The electronic money card is part of the chip in your chip card. You can top up your balance, spend it and have it paid out.

Transferring money:
If you get a new chip card, you can have the balance transferred. However, please note that it can take up to two days until the balance is available on your new card. If the chip on your old card is still working, we therefore recommend that you have the balance paid out at one of the tills in the cafés or cafeterias.

To top up your card, you can use the machines on the way into the cafeteria at Berliner Tor 7, and on the way into the Bergedorf cafeteria. You can also top up your card or have the balance paid out at the tills in the cafeterias or cafés (but please have consideration for the queue behind you and do not do this at busy meal times).

Exception: In the Finkenau cafeteria, you can only pay with your card. To top up your card in Finkenau, please use the machines. We do not currently have the facilities in Finkenau to pay out your card balance.

other functions

The integrated chip can also be used:

  • as a swipe card for access to rooms on campus (in progress)
  • as a photocopy card (in progress)
  • for paying for the telephones and dryers in halls of residence

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