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Scholarships for international HAW Hamburg Bachelor students

The HAW Hamburg awards scholarships for academic merit to its international Bachelor students, who have successfully completed their first two semesters.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that we are making changes to the scholarship process at the HAW Hamburg. Starting with the summer semester 2018 we are planning to change to an online application system. We will also be making changes to specific application criteria, e.g. GPA. Please therefore do not apply for a scholarship at the moment. We will inform you here once everything has been decided.


We award scholarships of up to 400 Euros/month for up to five months. The scholarship is for one semester; an extension for a further two semesters is possible.

Application requirements:

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to apply for the scholarship:

  • You are an international Bachelor student at the HAW Hamburg
  • You have successfully completed at least two semesters at the HAW Hamburg
  • You completed your school education outside of Germany or successfully graduated from a Studienkolleg
  • If you do not have a residence permit according to §16 AufenthaltG or come from an EU country, please apply for BAföG and submit a copy of the official letter or your BAföG application with your scholarship application

1. Application in the third semester:

1.1 Applicants in engineering* degrees may apply when:
a) they have successfully passed all the exams required for the first two semesters with a grade point average better than 2.9 or
b) they have passed nearly all the exams (max. of two exams can be missing) required for the first two semesters with a grade point average better than 2.5

1.2 Applicants from non-engineering degrees must have passed all required exams for the first two semesters with a grade point average better than 2.5

2. First-time application in a later semester: Applicants in a later semester (4th, 5th, etc.) must have passed all the required exams with a grade point average of better than 2.5.

3. Application for an extension: Applicants who want to extend their scholarship for a further semester must have passed all the exams required for that semester with a grade point average of better than 2.5.

Application documents:

The following documents must be submitted for the application:

  • Letter of Motivation*
  • Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages without photo)
  • Transcript of records
  • Letter of Recommendation from a professor at the HAW Hamburg (HAW form)
  • Confirmation from the chairman of the examination board (HAW form)
  • Confirmation of enrolment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung, download from HELIOS)
  • Copy of your residence permit (for non-EU citizen) or ID/passport (for EU citizens)
  • Copy of BAföG letter (see application requirements)

Application deadlines:

We are planning new application deadlines and will inform you here.

* Letter of Motivation should include the following:

- why did you choose your degree programme at the HAW Hamburg?
- why do you think you should be considered for a scholarship?
- if you do/did voluntary work, please tell us about it (job, time frame, etc.)
- tell us about your ideas of how we could improve the integration of international students to ensure they study successfully or suggestions for activities to support the intercultural exchange between HAW students

You can apply for more than one programme to increase your chances of getting a scholarship. It is however, not possible to be awarded a scholarship for more than one programme; i.e. you cannot get an Academic Merit scholarship as well as a Final Year scholarship.

* All degree programmes from the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science (TI), the engineering degrees at the Faculty of Life Sciences (not Ökotrophologie and Gesundheitswissenschaften) as well as Medientechnik, Media Systems and Technische Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Logistik und Marketing).

Letzte Änderung: 12.01.18

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