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DAAD Prize for international HAW Hamburg students

Each year the HAW Hamburg awards a DAAD Prize to one of its international students on behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). To qualify for this award students must have excellent grades and also be involved in voluntary or intercultural work within or outside of the university. The DAAD Prize is a money prize of 1,000 Euros.

The 2018 HAW Hamburg DAAD Prize winner is Thi Huyen Cao. She is from Vietnam and studies in the Bachelor's programme "Technische Informatik (Technical Computer Science)". More about Thi Huyen (in German)

DAAD Prize winner 2018 - Thi Huyen Cao, Vietnam

Application requirements:

  • you are an international student and completed your school education outside of Germany
  • you are enrolled as a degree-seeking student at the HAW Hamburg and are in the final stages of your Bachelor or Master's programme
  • you have excellent grades
  • you are involved in voluntary or intercultural work inside or outside the university
  • you have not received the DAAD prize before

How to apply:

Candidates have to be nominated by a professor. If you want to apply for the DAAD prize, ask a professor to nominate you. Once you are nominated, you will receive your application documents via email.

The application deadline is 7 June 2019.

Why do we award this prize?

We have been awarding the DAAD Prize since 1995 and have seen many excellent prizewinners from different countries and different degree programmes. With this prize we underline that each international student at the HAW Hamburg is a part of our university and a part of Germany. By studying at the HAW Hamburg they leave a piece of themselves here and take a piece of Germany and the HAW Hamburg back to their home country. These students are ambassadors for Germany and future partners in business, science or politics.

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HAW Hamburg DAAD Prize winners