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What our international students say

We believe we are an interesting university with a lot to offer students who want to get a degree in Germany. But don't just take our word for it; look at what some of our international students have said about living and studying in Hamburg. And for a bit of feel-good, watch our "Happy in Hamburg" video made by international students.

Priyanka Mascarenhas - MEng Renewable Energy Systems

Maximising your employment skills

Lachie Townsend, Australia

I love the combination of electrical engineering and computer science in the information engineering programme. By combining both of these areas you are maximising the potential areas of employment, which is pretty cool.« |Read more|

Women in Engineering - Aerospace Engineering

Khaoula Ouhichi, Tunisia

While other girls her age were playing with Barbie dolls, eight year old Khaoula Ouhichi asked her father to buy her remote-controlled planes to play with. As a child she also read a lot about space and it caught her curiosity. |Read her story|

Women in Engineering - Biomedical Engineering

Amy Leson, Canada

Your path to becoming a successful engineer depends on your ability to focus on your interests, to be enthusiastic about new ideas and to be creative in your approach and open to going outside your comfort zone. |Read Amy's story |

Women in Engineering - Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Apurva Shrivastava, India

The path to a Master's degree can be a stony one and it pays to know what you are interested in and to have people along the way to guide you and help you meet the challenges. Apurva has risen to these challenges. |Read her story|

Women in Engineering - Renewable Energy Systems

Priyanka Mascarenhas, India

»I wanted to learn more about renewable energy forms and Germany is the leader in this technology; the 'father of engineering'. And in Europe I have the opportunity to learn more about different cultures.« |more...|

»With languages the world is your oyster«

Daryna Andreieva, Ukraine

Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and now Spanish as well – languages were always very important to 23-year-old Daryna Andreieva, student of European Computer Science at the HAW Hamburg. |more...|

"I don't feel foreign here in Hamburg"

Vignesh Rajamanickam, India

With a B.Tech in Biotechnology Vignesh was looking for a Master’s programme in English that concentrates on Bioprocess Engineering to set the foundation for a career in research. His aunt encouraged him to apply to American universities but Vignesh had other plans. |more... |

»My parents always talked a lot about Germany«

Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen, Vietnam

'Morning Pearl' is the pretty meaning of Ngoc Anh, the second name of the cheerful young student from Vietnam with whom we meet for a photo call in the library of the HAW Hamburg. | more... |

»I first got to know Germans in Hamburg«

Armand Tamouafo Fomé, Cameroon

It is late afternoon and it is already dark outside, with the temperature only a little over freezing. Armand Tamouafo Fomé from Cameroon arrives for our interview wearing warm clothes | more... |

»Be part of the pack and not a lone wolf«

Aukse Bowe, Lithuania

Aukse arrived in Hamburg by bus when she was 21. The journey from her home town in Lithuania took over thirteen hours. "I have always been interested in children and I wanted to study something that meant I could work with children." |more...|

»I was looking for a combination of science and engineering«

Ines Lienou Lzeutchi, Cameroon

Our appointment for an interview is in one of the many labs of the Faculty of Life Sciences. We are on the HAW Hamburg’s second largest campus in Bergedorf, |more... |

YouTube Video - Happy in Hamburg

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What our alumni say:

Erick - Kenia
Erick - Kenia

»HAW Hamburg provides an environment in which the students are able to get the theoretical part in school and at the same time they are in industry and fully integrated in the practice of their career choices.« - Erick Mule Kitili, Kenia
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