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CARPE is a strategic alliance of European universities with a focus on applied teaching and research:

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Finland with nearly 10,000 students studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The degree programmes cover four fields of education: Business, Culture, Health Care & Well-Being as well as Technology. Interdisciplinary learning is a major focus and the TUAS offers a wide range of courses in English, making it a popular destination for international students.

It has an active RDI cooperation with businesses and other higher education institutions ensuring the most up-to-date knowledge and practical applications. All this is integrated directly into the TUAS study programmes. Nearly 100 different RDI projects are started each year at TUAS. 

Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutes of higher education in the Netherlands, with about 36,000 students. The HU offers degree courses at Bachelor and Master level in a wide range of subjects: Communication & Journalism, Economics & Management, Science & Technology, Health Care, Education and Social Professions. Yearly about 11,000 professionals follow short courses at HU, alongside their work. Despite its size HU's educational environment is small-scale and personal with an emphasis on a close teaching relationship between faculty and students. Education and research are carried out in tight collaboration with professional practice.

Universitat Politècnica de València is a public, dynamic and innovative institution that is dedicated to research and teaching. Its 40,000 students are enrolled in Bachelor, Master and doctoral degrees. It inconsists of five campuses and 14 schools and faculties with a strong focus on science and technology. The university sees its mission to provide its students with the knowledge they need to be able to work as graduates in their professional field, and to offer them an all-round education where they acquire technological skills, as well as a humanistic and cultural education. It is also the only Spanish university to be listed in the Shanghai

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) - With about 17,000 students the HAW Hamburg is the second largest institution of higher education in the City of Hamburg and one of the largest of its kind in Germany. In its four faculties it offers Bachelor and Master programmes in the fields of engineering, computer science, life sciences, design, media, business and social sciences. Teaching and research are interdisciplinary and practice-oriented and the university has close links to industry. It has a strong international focus with 2,000 international students and degree programmes in English.

It has over 100 PhD students and its applied research focuses on engineering (aviation, mechanical engineering, computer science) and life sciences (biotechnology, biomedical engineering, nutrition & health).

University of Debrecen - As a leading and prominent institution of Hungarian higher education and in line with the spirit of the Magna Charta of European Universities, the university is dedicated to developing and improving universal scholarship and Hungarian society by providing high-quality, versatile and interdisciplinary educational as well as research and development programmes. Besides providing services in education, research, healthcare and prevention activities, and agriculture the University of Debrecen is also committed to strengthening cooperation with society and the business sphere and to accomplish the third mission of higher education, the propagation of sports and culture. Its main focus is directed at the health industry.

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