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HAW Hamburg

Strategic research: Energy & Sustainability

Increasing global demand for energy requires new concepts for a sustainable energy supply and renewable energy technologies will play a key role in meeting these challenges. Hamburg’s focus on renewable energies has made green business a significant economic factor in the region, earning Hamburg the award European Green Capital 2011. Building on this expertise Hamburg formed the cluster »Renewable Energy Hamburg« to open up new business fields and make Hamburg a leading centre for renewable energies worldwide.

Competence Centre for Energy (CC4E)

The HAW Hamburg is a strategic partner in Hamburg’s renewable energy cluster with teaching and research in wind energy, smart grid technology, solar power and biomass fuels. Our expertise is gathered together within our Competence Centre for Energy (CC4E) more...

Research groups

  • Biomass
  • Environmental analysis & Ecotoxicology
  • Fuel cells
  • Lifetec Process Engineering

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Competence Centre for Energy

Prof. Dr. Werner Beba

HAW Hamburg
Alexanderstr. 1
20099 Hamburg
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