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About the C4DSI

The Center for Demand Side Integration (C4DSI) is a work group at the Institute for Information Technology and Distributed Systems (ifit). The focus of the various research plans is on the intelligent regulation of the consumer side as a component of smart grids and virtual power plants. This is called demand side management, or to be more precise, demand response.

The C4DSI is part of HAW Hamburg's Department of Information and Electrical Technology and has close ties with the research and transfer platform "Competence Centre for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" (CC4E) of HAW Hamburg.

In cooperation with national and international university and corporate partners, we study the technical and economic potential of demand response applications based on simulation models and laboratory and/or pilot projects. In the process, we develop concrete solution approaches for controlling and regulating the individual components and the associated concepts for managing a wide variety of types of energy storage.

Our work group is characterised primarily by its pronounced interdisciplinarity. Professors, PhD students, research fellows and temporary student staff from the subject areas of engineering, electrical technology, information technology, automation, environmental technology and earth sciences work together in the creative C4DSI team. If need be, we also take advantage of the varied expertise of the different institutes of our university.

A crucial core area of expertise of the C4DSI is model-building and discrete simulation of distributed energy systems with a very large number of sub-systems/system elements considered thermodynamically and in detail at high time resolution. Here, a method was developed of transferring sub-models from Matlab/Simulink into the mass simulation capability of a JAVA-based multi-agent simulation environment (JADEX).

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hans Schäfers

Center for Demand Side Integration

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