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The accelerated conversion of the energy systems associated with the energy transition and the related environmentally and socially compatible transformation present new challenges. In addition to the development and implementation of sustainable and technology-based solutions, it is particularly important to communicate these effectively to all social groups.

 Therefore, the technology centre Hamburg Energy-Campus is to be expanded into a citizen information centre that imparts knowledge of renewable energy, generates understanding and creates an open dialogue with the citizens.

The possibility to visit laboratories, wind farms and photovoltaic plants as well as use interactive information platforms is to arouse interest and generate knowledge. In particular, events for schools are planned.

In cooperation with the cluster companies, the CC4E and the research institutes will offer attractive events such as "open days" and "Fascination Energy" in order to bring to life the complex topics from the world of renewable energy and to make the technological and social aspects of the energy transition understandable.

In this way, acceptance, support and self-responsibility on the part of the citizens with a view to sustainability and the energy transition in their personal environment are to be created. 

The technology centre Energy-Campus is being constructed in the Schleusengärten (gardens) in Hamburg-Bergedorf and is to become a centre of research and training for the energy transition.

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Technology Center Energy-Campus Hamburg

Am Schleusengraben 24

21029 Bergedorf