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HAW Hamburg

Focus and objectives

The CC4E of HAW Hamburg is constructing the technology centre Hamburg Energy-Campus in the Bergedorf district. The objective of the Energy-Campus is to network between companies, universities and institutions in order to develop application-orientated solutions and innovations for renewable energy that will cause high benefit for people in general. The Energy-Campus concentrates three core areas:

The CC4E wants to create a research institution with a wind laboratory and a smart grid/demand side integration laboratory as the nucleus of the growing Energy-Campus. The technology centre is to aid applied research as well as training and qualification at HAW Hamburg and is to be integrated fully into research and teaching operations. It is also to have its own wind farm, which is to become part of the research and teaching projects. The Energy-Campus is to promote the settlement of companies from the renewable energy sector – especially the wind sector – by tapping into potential for research, technology innovations and management.

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Technology Center Energy-Campus Hamburg

Am Schleusengraben 24

21029 Bergedorf