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Research and development

The activity in the laboratories is aimed at acquiring research findings and expanding knowledge. In addition, understanding of specific matters related to wind energy generation, wind farm operation and grid integration as well as storage is to be enhanced. SMEs in particular benefit from the research and development capacities of the Energy-Campus. This raises their ability to react to the challenges of the energy transition and to assert themselves in the more intense international competition.


Wind power plants of the 2 to 3 Megawatt category are planned. By means of the integrated network of the research institutions with the real wind farm, numerous research projects as well as synergic potential are to be created. Examples of this are the study of the integration of wind power into the electricity grid and the enabling of the balancing out of fluctuations through load management and storage components.


Thanks to the direct connection of the planned wind farm to the technology centre, the real systems can be studied directly in the wind laboratory.

  • System efficiency: test facilities for components and sub-systems of wind farms for increasing system reliability, forecasting damage conditions, reduction of downtime
  • System operation: condition monitoring of the wind farms as well as monitoring the system operation data and environmental conditions
  • Performance enhancement in power production
  • Environmental compatibility: projects for reducing noise emissions and environmental impact



In the smart grid laboratory, efficient and intelligent solutions in the interplay between energy generation, consumption and storage are developed and tested.

  • Demand side integration: flexibilisation on the consumption side to cater to the changeable feed-in character of renewable energy and to reduce load on the electricity grids.
  • Grid-aiding heat generation: Variable building heat supply due to the coordinated operation of heat pump and block-type thermal power plant.
  • Energy storage: development of storage concepts (battery, hydrogen and heat storage).
  • Building technology: optimisation of energy efficiency by means of an intelligent and variable control and regulation concept.

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