Application Center Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems

The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISIT) and the Competence Centre for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (CC4E) of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) are planning to set up an Application Center Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems. The objective is to offer excellent research services and other services for the renewable energy (RE) industry, increase the quality of training on offer at HAW Hamburg and utilise synergy potential with the Hamburg Energy-Campus technology centre.

Source: Fraunhofer ISIT

As one of Europe's most modern research institutions for microelectronics and micro-system technology, the ISIT is considered a specialist in the development, production and integration of micro-mechanical and micro-electronic components used in medicine, communication technology, the automotive industry environmental and traffic technology and engineering. A current focus of the ISIT is application-specific power electronic systems and pursues the objective of developing product innovations for power electronics in renewable energy systems (e.g. wind turbines) based on the most modern semi-conductor technology. The project is being managed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Kapels of HAW Hamburg. In this framework, the development of the Application Center Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems is planned, in which the focus is on decentralised electric energy supply. The fields include the use of regeneratively and volatile generated electrical energy, efficient and reliable power electronic components and systems for converting electrical energy and efficient electrochemical energy storage on the basis of novel lithium accumulators as well as intelligent battery sensor technology.

Research and innovation in the field of renewable energy are essential for Hamburg-based companies in order to remain internationally competitive and to successfully negotiate the turn to sustainable forms of energy. HAW Hamburg's CC4E is developing the Hamburg Energy Campus technology centre as a flagship project for these tasks. The objective is to network between companies, universities and institutions in order to develop application-orientated solutions/innovations for renewable energy that will cause high benefit for people in general. Here, wind energy is the top priority for Hamburg and the entire Northern German area. Therefore, the technological focus of the Energy Campus is wind energy and the interdisciplinarily connected fields of grids/grid integration (smart grids, demand side integration/energy-efficient city) as well as fields of focus of energy storage. The Energy Campus is to promote the settlement of companies from the RE industry, the wind sector in particular, in that potential is created for research, sales, management and especially for technological innovations. The CC4E of HAW Hamburg wants to create a research institution with a wind laboratory and a smart grid/demand side integration laboratory as well as a wind farm as the nucleus of the growing Energy Campus. The innovations produced at the Energy Campus are to strengthen renewable energy as a sector and make a significant contribution to the energy transition in Hamburg.


Thus the planned Fraunhofer Performance Electronics for Regenerative Energy Systems Application Centre builds on the existing expertise at HAW Hamburg in ideal fashion and extensively complements the activities of other universities in Hamburg and Northern Germany. For this reason, it is planned to locate the Fraunhofer Application Centre in direct proximity to the technology centre Hamburg Energy-Campus of the CC4E, which is currently under construction.

Abbildung Synergien aus Fraunhofer ISIT – Anwendungszentrum – Energie-Campus
Synergies from Fraunhofer ISIT – Application Centre – Energy-Campus

Cooperation between the Fraunhofer application centre and the CC4E technology centre would raise the quality of academic education on offer at HAW Hamburg and other Hamburg universities ("Hamburg Energy Research Association"). However, business and the Hamburg metropolitan area also benefit from the cooperation between the two institutions. Research and development projects are enabled that, in turn, create product innovations in the field of performance electronics. Thanks to the connection with the Fraunhofer ISIT, research services and other services are expanded and access to the most modern semi-conductor technology of power electronics and its bodywork and joining technology is opened up to project partners. Furthermore, the recognisable variety of synergies results in a high benefit for the RE companies of the Hamburg metropolitan area. In addition, the prospect is developing of cooperation with the performance electronics innovation cluster in Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. All this offers outstanding potential for enhancing Hamburg's reputation as a location for business.


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