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Hamburg Energy Research Association takes first steps

Following the initial planning for a Hamburg Energy Research Association (HEFV) – an amalgamation of the five major Hamburg universities – from 2012, the association is now fully functional. The HEFV constitutes an intersection of sorts in academic energy research in Hamburg.

Source: BWF

The conversion to a sustainable energy supply is one of the biggest challenges of the next few years. Here, the fields of research and development as well as the training of specialists play a crucial role. With the support of the Hamburg Office of Science and Research (BWF), the Hamburg Energy Research Association was founded as an amalgamation of the five major Hamburg universities. The objective is to link the variety of expertise in the field of energy research and thus generate added economic value. The HEFV is made up of Universität Hamburg, HafenCity Universität Hamburg, Hamburg University of Technology, Helmut Schmidt University and HAW Hamburg, each represented by their energy commissioners.

The implementation of the future energy supply is borne primarily by four aspects, which are to be accompanied academically within the framework of the Hamburg Energy Research Association:


In addition to engineering/technical and scientific issues, the aspects also contain legal and economic perspectives. 

The Hamburg universities demonstrate particular and complementarily distributed research potential in the fields of wind energy, biomass, smart grids, energy storage, thermoelectrics and regenerative energy from the sea and thus cover the field of energy research almost completely. The Hamburg Energy Research Association brings together various research ideas – with a focus on ideas relating to these topics – from universities and business and develops them into potential new specialist projects. Thus, in a targeted manner, new and extensive association subsidy applications can be produced that contribute significantly to the energy transition. 

"The HEFV works a little bit like a car sharing agency for research projects: in concrete terms, this means that researchers and teachers can turn to the HEFV with their project ideas. The association acts as an intersection. If someone would like to submit a research application but they do not have project partners with special expertise, we work to find these partners at the other Hamburg universities or in their networks. However, by implication this also means that people can contact us with their expertise as potential project partners and we will then try to arrange suitable project participation. We also regularly provide information about current subsidy programmes and calls," says Dr. Hans Schäfers, who represents HAW Hamburg in the HEFV together with Prof Dr. Beba.

Anyone who would like to find out about the HEFV or already has concrete projects that could be interesting/suitable for the HEFV can contact Dr. Hans Schäfers at HAW Hamburg directly.

You can find the current newsletter of the Hamburg Energy Research Association here.

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