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Nursing & Healthcare Management - Exchange students

Worldwide demographic developments are increasingly presenting society with new challenges. Germany is no exception. The impact is particularly noticeable in the healthcare and nursing professions, where we can observe steadily growing demands and the need to deal with increasingly complex tasks. 

The Department of Nursing & Management at the HAW Hamburg offers two undergraduate programmes. The dual programme "Nursing" is a collaboration with seven Hamburg hospitals. Students study at the HAW Hamburg and receive their practical training at a partner hospital. »Interdisciplinary Healthcare and Management« provides professionals with additional skills in developing new concepts for the different fields of healthcare. Both programmes contribute to the development of solutions aimed at meeting the challenges in nursing and healthcare. Each summer semester (March - July) exchange students can get an insight into this expertise and take the following courses in English:

Nursing & Healthcare Management - courses in English

  • Diversity in Health Provision
  • Healthy Aging & Palliative Care in a European Context*
  • Media Literacy
  • Nursing Research
  • Workshop for Interdisciplinary Cooperation

* International Workshop Week at a partner university in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Further information about the classes can be found in the module handbook

Students can also choose courses from the area of Social Work, if they have suitable background knowledge and capacity allows. More information can be found here.

Application deadline:
Summer semester (March - July): 30. October

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Faculty of Business & Social Sciences / Dept. of Nursing & Management
Campus Berliner Tor
Student Exchange Coordinator
Lea Andres

Application deadline:
Summer semester
(March - July): 30. October