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Nutrition and Health - Exchange Students

Each summer semester (March - July) the Faculty of Life Sciences offers exchange students the opportunity to take classes in English in nutrition and health sciences. You can choose from the following courses:

Nutrition & Health Sciences - courses in English

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Communal catering services (new)
  • Food marketing
  • German food and culture*
  • Human resource management (new)
  • Marketing research
  • Nutrition behaviour (new)
  • Project management
  • Public health project intercultural intelligence (new)
  • Scientific ergonomics with lab
  • Sensory analysis
  • Sports nutrition** (new)
  • Working in multi-cultural groups 
  • German 
  • Academic English 

* max. 20 places  ** blocked seminar
All modules are in English and each module is worth 5 credit points. Information about the modules can be found in the module handbook. (New courses: module descriptions are still pending).

In addition, if schedules and capacity allow, exchange students can also take one or two classes in English in the area of Social Work in the Department of Social Work at our Berliner Tor Campus. Social Work module handbook.

Application deadline:
Summer semester (March - July): 30. October

Letzte Änderung: 23.09.19

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Faculty of Life Sciences
Campus Bergedorf
Depts of Nutrition & Health Sciences
Student Exchange Coordinator
Astrid von der Heide

Application deadline:
Summer semester
(March - July): 30. October

»German Food & Culture was a great choice...We would cook traditional meals in the kitchen on campus and all eat as a class

Rita Auro, USA