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What our exchange students have to say

We believe we are an interesting university with a lot to offer students who want to study abroad. But don't just take our word for it; look at what some of our international guest students have said about living and studying in Hamburg. And for a bit of feel-good, watch our "Happy in Hamburg" video made by international guest students.

A German engineering experience

Anthony DiNardi

Studying abroad can be an opportunity to get an insight into a field of expertise that your university doesn't offer. Anthony, a mechanical engineering student, took classes in aeronautical engineering in Hamburg. | read more |

Going global - international supply chain

Simon Hoeps

As part of the International Business Program (IBP) at URI Simon is completing a study and internship year in Germany. He took international business classes at the HAW Hamburg and will be getting hands-on experience in the complexity of logistics in his internship. [read more]

I want to see what the world has to offer

Maria Jones

Maria’s favourite module was “International Communication Systems”. »I really enjoyed this class. We looked at was the concept of free media in Germany and in our home countries. There were lots of international students, so we had some great discussions.« |read more|

Engineering students CAN live the international life

Oyetunji Oyewole & Katarina Jarczyk

So many engineering students think study abroad is too difficult. Katarina is a computer science major, while Tunji is majoring in aerospace and mechanical engineering. Both studied for a semester at the HAW Hamburg. |read more|

Study abroad and be a change-maker

Raquel Paz

Raquel studied social work in Hamburg and discovered that the style of teaching at the HAW Hamburg was just up her street. »The classes are super hands-on which I have enjoyed. I love that it is an open dialogue; a conversation with students and professors.«  |read more|

An Australian abroad

Emily Rawle

When Emily started looking at study abroad options her focus was on Germany. She was looking for classes in media and communication and for Emily Hamburg was the best match. »It fits my needs perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.« |read more |

Germany has always been the plan

Danielle Kline

Danielle is part of a team of international and German students, working on a project for Airbus as part of her study abroad semester in Hamburg. »This project allows you to work as an engineer and be part of the process of designing something. It has been invaluable!« |read more|

Go outside your bubble to find Heimat

Blair Nakamoto

Blair started thinking about study abroad in her Junior year. She was interested in European history and really wanted to travel. »I wanted to bring my work out of a bubble, be a fish out of water and see what other people are like in their art.« |read more|

Hokies in Hamburg - Students at zero G

Virginia Tech aeronautical engineers

Six US engineering students reached new heights (literally) when they studied abroad at the HAW Hamburg. We asked them about their experiences in Hamburg; in particular the flight lab and experiencing zero G |read more |

Finally going home - Germany reloaded

Megan Grace

It is not often we get an American exchange student who speaks fluent German, but it is even rarer that a US exchange student considers studying abroad in Germany as “going home”. Megan Grace, Athletic Training student from San Diego State University, is one of those rare creatures. |read more|

Engineering, German & Karaoke

Robert Jarrett

Studying abroad can be about facing your fears and polishing your skills and that was exactly the experience Robert Jarrett had. A little bit of engineering, a German immersion and a weekly dose of karaoke makes for a successful study abroad adventure. |Read more |

UAS7 global citizens – study and intern with SIP

Feiyu Lu

From China to the United States to Germany – at 21 Feiyu Lu is already quite the global citizen. Her international life started at sixteen when she moved from China to the USA. Read here how she came to Hamburg and participated in SIP |read more|

»The best thing about study abroad are the people«

Lucy Kellow & Samantha Beasley

Sitting together chatting about their five months in Hamburg and their experiences in Europe we keep coming back to the friends they have made and the people they have shared things with. |more...|

Born & raised in Sydney - studying in Germany

Alex Coyle

»I was already sold on study abroad before I even started at the University of Sydney«, he says, »I knew for a long time that that was what I wanted to do, because you have to leave home to become independent.« |more...|

»Studying in Hamburg made us more well-rounded students«

Connor, Kevin, Corey & Nathan

Excited by the idea of being able to study in English in the city that is home to the main German Airbus production plant and the possibility of spending a semester in Europe and getting credit for it, they put their plan into action. |more...|

»From daunting to smooth in one semester«

Dan Steinweg

My first impression of the HAW Hamburg was that they are very supportive and encouraging to all exchange students. They made the sometimes daunting experience of being in a new country and culture very comfortable... | more...|

Virtual Aeronautical Design Project

Austin Zielinski

Two teams on either side of the Atlantic work together to design an unmanned aerial system. Read how this type of project can be a great way to prepare for an international career in engineering |more...|

»Life in Hamburg is very comfortable and everyone is very friendly«

Cheuk Ho Yuen & Wai Lun Tsui

9,000 kms – Cheuk Ho and Wai Lun, guest students from HKUST, our partner university in Hong Kong, have come a long way for their study abroad semester in Hamburg. |more...|

»Hamburg was my girlfriend«

David Driscoll

Catching up with David Driscoll, we were talking about the main reasons why people come back to the place where they spent a semester or year abroad. Nine times out of ten it is because of the girlfriend they met there.... |more... |

“It was only here that I realised what I was really interested in.”

Albert Thure

Albert Thure, guest student from California State University, Long Beach originally only wanted to stay for one semester, but he liked it so much, that he added on a second semester.... |more... |

YouTube Video - Happy in Hamburg

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An die Redaktion

»The UAS7 SIP program offered me a great opportunity to return to my German origins as well as broaden my professional experience. I based my decision off of my coursework. However, my study abroad experience became much more of a cultural, personal and career enrichment.«
Ask Cilia about her experience:
Cilia Jaeger, DAAD Ambassador

Omar - Mexico
Omar - Mexico

»The HAW also played a huge role in my experience. Their organization was really efficient and at times I felt as if there was a seamless integration with my home university...« - Omar Garza, Mexico
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