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General information for master´s thesis

A thesis can be applied for, if all requirements of the respective valid examination and study regulations are fulfilled (see: GESR-ESLC-BM; § 16)

Submit the " Application for the Issue of a Dissertation“ with the Declarations of Publication to the first reviewer, the second reviewer and then to the Chairman of the Examination Committee (PAV) for signature. The PAV checks the title and suitability of the reviewers and enters a binding start date and submission date.

The processing time for the Master´s thesis is 6 months. further examinations have to be taken in the semester in which the processing time falls, the processing time can be extended depending on the examination load. The start date can be dated back a maximum of 4 weeks in consultation with the PAV.

Submit the application signed by the first and second reviewers, the PAV and you for the issue of a thesis, the accompanying sheet and, if the reviewer has not yet worked as a reviewer for the HAW, a simple copy of the academic degree of the external reviewer to the Office for coordination inter-university studies. Registrations with external reviewers without proof of an academic degree cannot be accepted.

After processing your application, you will receive a copy of the application with your submission data by email.

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