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Fakultät Technik und Informatik
Fakultät Technik und Informatik


Brief Overview over the contents of the program “Information Engineering”
(SWS = hours per week to be present at the university)

Detailed Overview over the contents of the program “Information Engineering”

Basics of Mathematics and Mathematic Extensions
The first two semesters will supply the mathematical fundamentals for scientific engineering. During the following two semesters basics of signal and system theory is taught, which is necessary for information technology in general.

Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
In this series of lectures the foundations of electrical engineering (8 SWS) are presented, which includes basics of measuring techniques and methods of design and analysis of linear and nonlinear circuits. These courses are supplemented by three lectures on electronics which introduce electronic devices and the foundations of analog electronic circuits (12 SWS). One lecture on digital circuits (4 SWS) completes this series.

Electrical Engineering Applications
Information and communication systems are software based and work on application specific hardware. Computer architecture as well as micro controllers are introduced in two courses (8 SWS). An additional course (4 SWS) will offer the design and the implementation of application specific digital systems and the corresponding hardware description language VHDL.

Software Construction
Technical systems are widely based nowadays on software. Therefore, knowledge of programming languages and methods of software design is completely necessary. This course introduces the procedure-oriented programming language C and the object-oriented programming language Java (8 SWS). Additional topics are algorithms and data structures (4 SWS).

Computer Science
This course is based on the course “software construction” and contains methods and procedures to design complex software systems (8 SWS) and is completed with modern concepts of databases (4 SWS). Finally, there is a software engineering project, where students have to apply their knowledge in small groups and solve a small task independently.

Computer Engineering
One goal of this program is to use and implement knowledge. Part of this course is a project on designing and realizing a digital system (4 SWS). The basis of this project are “electrical engineering applications”. A further course deals with bus systems and sensors (4 SWS), which are a widespread in the field of automation engineering.

Information Engineering
Processing and transmission of information is very important. This course offers the basis of digital signal transmission and signal processing (8 SWS).

Non Technical Modules
Engineeing specific knowledge is necessary, but economic principles and the English and German language (6 SWS) are also an intergral part of this program. Methods of learning, scientific research (6 SWS), communication and presentation skills (4 SWS), which are for today’s engineer vital, play an important role too.

Compulsory Modules and Compulsory Project
choice of two courses (8 SWS) and one project (4 SWS) specially offered or from other programs

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