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D. Coulombier, C. Heppner, S. Fabiansson, A. Tarantola, A. Cochet, P. Kreidl und Ralf Reintjes
Melamine contamination of dairy products in China--public health impact on citizens of the European Union
Eurosurveillance, 13(40)
2 Oktober 2008

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J. Chaplin, H.M. Koopmann, S. Schmidt und the DISABKIDS Group
DISABKIDS smiley questionnaire: the TAKE 6 assisted health-related quality of life measure for 4 to 7-year-olds.
Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, (15):173-180

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S. Schmidt, U. Thyen, J. Chaplin, E. Mueller-Godeffroy, M. Bullinger und the European DISABKIDS Group
Healthcare needs and healthcare satisfaction from the perspective of parents of children with chronic conditions: the DISABKIDS approach towards instrument development.
Child Care Health Development, (34 (3)):355-66

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R. S. Coelho, A. Kostka, S. Sheikhi, J. dos Santos und A. R. Pyzalla
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an AA6181-T4 Aluminium Alloy to HC340LA High Strength Steel Friction Stir Overlap Weld
Advanced Engineering Materials,Volume 10, Issue 10, :961 – 972

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B. Horstkotte, Olaf Elsholz und V. Cerdà
Multisyringe flow injection analysis coupled to capillary electrophoresis (MSFIA-CE) as a novel analytical tool applied to the pre-concentration, separation and determination of nitrophenols
Talanta, 76:72-79
Olaf Elsholz, T. C. Rodrigues, M. Tubino und V. Cerdà
Niedrigkostenmessverfahren für Acetat
GIT-Laborfachzeitschrift, (2):110-113
Olaf Christ, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
Towards Seamless Source Mobility in SSM - Design and Evaluation of the Tree Morphing Protocol
International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology (IJIPT), 3(4):205--215

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Zusammenfassung: Multimedia networking in the near future is expected to be dominated by group applications such as IPTV, MMORPGs, and video conferencing. Hand in hand with new service offers, the deployment of multicast at the network layer started to disseminate. Currently infotainment is gradually expanding into the mobile world, but a standard design of mobile multicast is still awaited. In this paper we present a design and discuss an extensive evaluation of the Tree Morphing Protocol that performs an adaptive tree management to support seamless handovers for mobile SSM sources. Based on a full protocol implementation on a network simulator platform, we extensively explore the protocol performance. By employing artificial networks to cover fundamental topological constellations, as well as real-world network topologies, we analyze the handover behavior conceptually and in realistic scenarios. Strengths and weaknesses of the routing scheme are identified, leading to a discussion on future improvements.

Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Olaf Christ und Gabriel Hege
AuthoCast --- a mobility-compliant protocol framework for multicast sender authentication
Security and Communication Networks, 1(6):495 -- 509

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Zusammenfassung: Mobility is considered a key technology of the next generation Internet and has been standardized within the IETF. Rapidly emerging multimedia group applications such as IPTV, MMORPGs and video conferencing increase the demand for mobile group communication, but a standard design of mobile multicast is still awaited. The open problem poses significant operational and security challenges to the Internet infrastructure. This paper introduces a protocol framework for authenticating multicast sources and securing their mobility handovers. Its contribution is twofold: At first, the current mobile multicast problem and solution spaces are summarized from the security perspective. At second, a solution to the mobile source authentication problem is presented that complies to IPv6 mobility signaling standards. Using an autonomously verifiable one-way authentication based on cryptographically generated addresses, a common design is derived to jointly comply with the mobile any source and source specific multicast protocols that are currently proposed. This light-weight scheme smoothly extends the unicast enhanced route optimization for mobile IPv6 and adds only little overhead to multicast packets and protocol operations.

Hans L. Cycon, Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Henrik Regensburg und Mark Palkow
Video-based eLearning in Groups --- Combining SIP and Multicast in a Mobile Learning Internet Infrastructure
International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation (IJMLO), 2(4):329--345

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Zusammenfassung: Rich multimedia communication in groups is the instrument of choice in various e-learning situations and is best achieved by videoconferencing, supplemented by collaborative tools. In this paper, we report on various distributed synchronous and asynchronous video-based teaching and learning scenarios using stationary and mobile technologies over IP. They are realised by a multimedia communication system including a VideoConferencing over IP (VCoIP) software with hybrid architecture derived from a SIP-initiated P2P model. The system is based on a fast, highly efficient H.264/AVC video codec implementation. We investigate new concepts for nomadic IPv6 user and session mobility, focussing on real-time group communication.

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Thomas C. Schmidt, Olaf Christ und Matthias Wählisch
Autonome Zertifizierung mobiler Multicast-Sender -- AuthoCast --
Endausscheidung für den Deutschen IT Sicherheitspreis 2008
Horst Görtz Stiftung
FhI SIT Darmstadt

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