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Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus und Daniel Moldt
Modelling an open and controlled system unit as a modular component of systems of systems
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier, Daniel Moldt und Olivier Boissier (Hrsg.) International Workshop on Organizational Modelling (OrgMod'09) , Seite 81-100.
Verlag: University of Paris,
Matthias Weber, Delf Sachau und Thomas Kletschkowski
Noise Source Identification in a Cross-Section of a Long-Range Airliner by Means of the Inverse Finite Element Method
Int. Conf. on Acoustics, including the 35th German Annual Conference on Acoustics (DAGA)
23. - 26.3
Proc. NAG/DAGA 2009
Bernd Kost, Bernd Baumann, M. Germer und Marcus Wolff
Shape optimization of phototacoustic resonators
11th International Conference on Optimum Design in Engineering : OPTI
S. Hernández; C. A. Brebbia (Hrsg.) Computer Aided Optimum Design in Engineering XI Band 106 aus Wit Transactions on the Built Environment , Seite 45-54.
Verlag: WIT Press, Southampton

Marker: TI-MP

Patrick Diffo und Peter Wulf
Simulation des PUR-Langfasersprühverfahrens
VDI - Fachtagung PUR 2009
Nürnberg, Germany
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier und Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus
SONAR: A Multi-Agent Infrastructure for Active Application Architectures and Inter-Organisational Information Systems
Lars Braubach, Wiebke van der Hoek, Paolo Petta und Alexander Pokahr (Hrsg.) Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies, MATES 2009 Band 5774 aus LNAI , Seite 248--257.
Bernd Baumann, Marcus Wolff, John Hirsch, Piet Antonis, Sounil Bhosle und Robert Valdivia Barrientos
Towards a Finite Element Calculation of Acoustical Amplitudes in HID Lamps
European Comsol Conference
Proceedings of European Comsol Conference

Marker: TI-MP

Thomas Willner und Paul Scherer
Zero Waste Biorefinery Concept of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
29 June – 03 July 2009
Proceedings of the 17th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition , Seite 1565-1567.
Alexander Knauf, Gabriel Hege, Thomas C. Schmidt und Matthias Wählisch
A P2P Virtualization for Distributed Adaptive Conference Management
Wolfgang Kellerer und Thomas Magedanz (Hrsg.) GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch: NGN Service Delivery Platforms & Service Overlay Networks

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: An increasing number of popular conferencing applications operate in a lightweight, infrastructure-independent ad hoc fashion. These P2P-type systems raise the demand for scalable, adaptive self organization of conferencing in a standard-compliant way. We present a SIP-based approach to scalable distributed conference management in a Peer-to-Peer environment. The protocol distributes locators for a conference focus in a transparent fashion and makes use of the P2PSIP overlay to virtualize the focus identifier.

Matthias Wählisch und Thomas C. Schmidt
Peer the Peers: An Overlay ID Assignment Service at Internet Exchange Points
Proc. of the ACM SIGCOMM CoNEXT. Student Workshop , Seite 45--46.
Verlag: ACM, New York

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: P2P networks enable end users to establish services relying neither on a dedicated infrastructure nor on an ISP deployment of enhanced services at the network layer. Regrettably, overlay traffic is not optimal with respect to native connections and peering agreements, but may decrease network quality at end users at increased transit costs. This issue has been addressed by traffic localization approaches: The general objective is to keep overlay traffic local and to minimize provider crossing. Current efforts foster provider-assisted solutions. Overlays, which approximate network paths from the underlay, promise to significantly limit inter-domain traffic. However, ISPs offering transits rejoice in additional traffic and may provide localization data to de-localize peers. In this paper, we argue that ISP interaction should be provided by neutral authorities, namely the Internet exchange points. We present an architecture which serves unstructured and structured overlay peers with a sloppy generic overlay ID that jointly reflects AS-paths and peering topologies, and is unbiased by unilateral ISP interests.

Matthias Wählisch und Thomas C. Schmidt
An a Priori Estimator for the Delay Distribution in Global Hyrid Multicast
Proc. of the ACM SIGCOMM CoNEXT. Student Workshop , Seite 19--20.
Verlag: ACM, New York

Marker: TI-I

Zusammenfassung: Hybrid multicast is regarded a promising technology to overcome the inter-domain deployment problem for group communication. Realistic performance estimators are difficult to obtain due to the diversity of overlay concepts and their complex dependence on the global Internet topology that withstands straightforward simulations or measurements. We contribute a simple analytic model for the expected delay distribution. Parametrized by realistic measurement values, this should serve as a first order estimator for quantifying the delay penalties in a global-scale hybrid multicast packet distribution. We diagnose a strong dependence on hop counts and proximity awareness for the overlay multicast approach in use with promising results for most efficient schemes.

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